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Gerald Klickstein

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From The Musician's Way Blog

7 Career-Building Strategies for Musicians. Avenues that enable musicians of all levels to thrive.
Defining Music Practice. "Practice is not forced labor; it is a refined art." -Yehudi Menuhin
3 Ways to Boost the Impact of a Concert. Reach more people. Share more music!
The Meaning in Mistakes. Errors are inevitable, but suffering as a result of them is optional.

Digital Piano Deals!

Amazon is offering special pricing and free shipping on the excellent Yamaha Arius series of digital pianos as well as on top electronic keyboard lines such as the Yamaha PSR and Casio CTK.

Coaching via Skype with GK

If you want to gain confidence on stage, improve your ability to memorize music, upgrade your practice skills or advance your music career, feel welcome to contact me for coaching sessions via Skype.

The Path to Confidence

In an interview published on the Psychology Today Blog, I describe how faulty practice skills cause anxiety-ridden performances, and I point to deep practice strategies as the foundation of security on stage.

Composed Film

The remarkable new documentary film, Composed, candidly explores classical musicians dealing with performance anxiety, and I'm pleased to have a featured role. Visit the film website for screening locations.

Korea's Classical Music Hero

The KQED website published a brief profile of John S. Kim, who was the driving force behind S. Korea's ascendance as a "classical music powerhouse.”

Free Ear Training Games

Theta Music continues to add to their lineup of fun and educational music theory and ear training games.

Shark Music

In the article, "Ominous Background Music is Bad for Sharks," researchers demonstrate the power of music to influence listeners' attitudes.

Arts News

Although Thomas Cott retired his popular newsletter, You've Cott Mail, he has posted on his site a valuable list of more than 100 links to sites with arts news and commentary.

Jazzin' in NYC

In June, The Village Voice published a profile of celebrated bassist Linda Oh that makes clear the challenges of living as a professional jazz musician in New York.

Employee or Contractor?

Attorney Kevin Case describes on the ICSOM site how classification as an employee or independent contractor dramatically affects orchestral musicians.

Clean those Bagpipes!

Wind and brass players will be extra-motivated to clean their instruments after reading this chilling piece in the Washington Post.

Downloads Drop

"Single-track download sales in the US have crashed by 42% since their peak just four years ago." Read more about the streaming revolution on Music Business Worldwide.

Musician Salaries

The Berklee College of Music has released a 2016 update to its list of musician salary ranges.

Ivory Update

For the latest on laws impacting musicians whose instruments contain ivory, see the October 2016 update from the League of American Orchestras.

Gifts for Musicians

The Musician's Way is a top holiday gift for music lovers, and so are these selected Musician Supplies from Amazon. Happy holidays, everyone! -GK

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  • Korea's Music Hero
  • Free Ear Training Games
  • Shark Music
  • Arts News
  • Jazzin' in NYC
  • Employee or Contractor?
  • Clean those Bagpipes!
  • Downloads Drop
  • Musician Salaries
  • Ivory Update
  • Gifts for Musicians
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