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From The Musician's Way Blog

Should Soloists Always Perform from Memory? The upsides and downsides of memorizing.
Orchestras Contract, Opportunities Expand. Six ways that entrepreneurial musicians can grow their audiences amid the orchestra crisis.
4 Steps in the Creative Process. Invent, evaluate, revise, reflect.
Optimizing Practice Time. Seven indispensable strategies from The MW Blog archive.

Does Your Band Zoogle?

Easy-to-create musician websites with functionality and zing? Yes! Check out Bandzoogle.

Musical Furniture

Whether you call them interactive sound sculptures or musical furniture, works by musicians such as Ed Potokar attract interest.

El Sistema Fellowships

10 post-graduate musicians will become El Sistema Fellows and devote an academic year to learning the Venezuelan model for music education. Apply by February 8.

Local Sponsorships

We can bring in larger audiences and generate more ticket sales when we team up with other organizations. For examples of how to do so, see "Boost Income and Impact with Local Sponsorships" on The Musician's Way Blog.

Easy Ticketing

Speaking of tickets, thanks to Eventbrite and Brown Paper Tickets, it's now easier than ever to sell tickets and promote events.

Tumblr 4 Musicians

David Roberts of Sunshine Promotion in Nashville provides straightforward instructions in "The Ultimate Musician's Guide to Tumblr."

Want a Record Deal?

Music Clout summarizes 3 essentials for attracting interest from record companies, all of which require entrepreneurial savvy.

iTunes on Your Facebook

With a new Facebook app called smartTab, musicians can have an iTunes store on their Facebook page in minutes.

Beautiful Repetition

Practice necessarily involves repetition, but how do we prevent our repetitions from becoming stale? Mindful repetition cultivates artistry and ignites motivation.

TMW Leads on Kindle

During January, The Musician's Way led its categories on Kindle. Don't have a Kindle? You don't need one to read Amazon e-books. Download Kindle for your computer - it's free.

Classical Music Videos

Classical music lovers enjoy streaming concerts and a rich HD video library via Medici.tv.

Ear-Training Olympics

Theta Music's Winter Games might not rival the the Olympics, but their free ear training games enable us to ace musicianship skills.

Arts Nourish Kids

In what ways do kids benefit from arts education? Countless ways. But if we have to pick ten, then Lisa Phillips is on track with her ArtsBlog post "Top 10 Skills that Children Learn from the Arts."

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  • From The Musician's Way Blog
  • Does Your Band Zoogle?
  • Musical Furniture
  • El Sistema Fellowships
  • Local Sponsorships
  • Easy Ticketing
  • Tumblr 4 Musicians
  • Want a Record Deal?
  • iTunes on Your Facebook
  • Beautiful Repetition
  • TMW Leads on Kindle
  • Classical Music Videos
  • Ear-Training Olympics
  • Arts Nourish Kids
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