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From The Musician's Way Blog

Popular posts from the past two months:
Partnering with Non-Profits.” Underwrite the costs of concerts, festivals, and more.
Practicing for Recording Sessions.” Strategies that equip musicians to excel in the studio.
Can Focal Dystonia Be Prevented?” Current research gives us hope.
Differentiate or Disappear.” 7 tips for shaping a distinct musical identity.
How Not to Be Creative.” Boost your creativity by understanding how to squash it.

Crush Creative Obstacles

Do you want to compose, draw, write, or otherwise create outside of your comfort zone but aren’t sure how to start? My new online course 10 Steps to Lifelong Creativity deconstructs the creative process and empowers anyone to achieve creative feats. More info is available on The Musician’s Way Blog.

Inspiration from Art

I’ve always drawn inspiration from visual art. Now, the Google Art Project enables us to view artworks from top museums and explore them at unprecedented zoom levels.

Networking Coups

Careers columnist Liz Ryan shares six tales of young professionals whose networking strategies resulted in lucrative employment. Valuable examples for job seekers in all fields. 

Beyond Smart

Author Daniel Goleman finds that emotional intelligence skills are twice as important for leaders as technical and cognitive abilities. His chart showing “Five Components of Emotional Intelligence at Work” encapsulates lessons for musicians and everyone else.

Fellowships in NYC

The Weill Music Institute is accepting applications for their 2012-2014 fellowships. Twenty fellows will receive stipends as well as coaching and professional development in New York City. An outstanding opportunity for young professionals!

Boost Website Usability

Take the guesswork out of organizing content on your site with “7 Best Practices for Improving Your Website’s Usability” on Mashable.com.

NYFA Source

Looking for funding to support an arts project? The New York Foundation for the Arts’ NYFA Source lists thousands of resources.

Unfilled Orchestra Positions

An article on the WQXR site sums up the auditioning/hiring practices of U.S. orchestras and explains why some positions remain vacant for years.

Fractured What?

FracturedAtlas.org aims to “facilitate the creation of art by offering vital support to the artists who produce it.” What the name lacks in euphony, the organization and its website make up for in utility.

Art-Making & Science

Creativity researcher Robert Root-Bernstein finds a striking connection between arts involvement and scientific accomplishment. Details can be found in his article “Arts Foster Scientific Success.”

Befriending Complexity

During the early stage of creating, we’re best served by generating copious ideas, even if they produce chaos and complexity. Read more in designer Matthieu Mingasson’s post “Why Designers Should Seek Chaos and Complexity First.”

Grad School Scholarships

The Paul and Daisy Soros Fellowships for New Americans are available to fund graduate study in music. Apply by November 1.

Get Unstuck

In this brief video, Michael Bungay Stanier proposes three basic questions we can ask ourselves to help overcome creative inertia. See the Creativity page at MusiciansWay.com for complementary resources

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  • From The Musician's Way Blog
  • Crush Creative Obstacles
  • Inspiration from Art
  • Networking Coups
  • Beyond Smart
  • Fellowships in NYC
  • Boost Website Usability
  • NYFA Source
  • Unfilled Orchestra Positions
  • Fractured What?
  • Art-Making & Science
  • Befriending Complexity
  • Grad School Scholarships
  • Get Unstuck
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