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From The Musician's Way Blog

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Metronome Apps

Noa Kageyama publishes numerous insightful articles on his Bulletproof Musician Blog. In a recent post, he asked readers to nominate their favorite metronome apps - the top 5 are listed here.

Resources for Instrumentalists

Whatever your instrument, you'll find abundant links to valuable resources posted on the Instrument-Specific Resources page at MusiciansWay.com. 

How Long to Learn a Piece?

Pianist Stephen Hough tackled that question in a September article on The Telegraph in which he opines that the answer is, "As long as it takes . . . and that's only the start."

Classical Composer Timeline

Who wrote what when? A timeline of composers on Wikipedia provides a handy reference with links to detailed articles. 

Mobile Payments

Many musicians use mobile payment services such as Square to sell tickets and merchandise at events. A recent article on Entrepreneur.com summarized the pros and cons of four mobile payment services.

A G+ Success Story

Singer-songwriter Heather Fay has built an enormous community on Google Plus, and her more than 200,000 followers are supporting her career. Read more in an interview on the Discmakers Blog.

Social Media Management

Speaking of social media, managing multiple accounts can get overwhelming. Brian Hazard lays out strategies to maintain vibrant social media activities without the drain.

Let's Get Occasional

A start-up orchestra in Baltimore is celebrating holidays in innovative ways, generating buzz in the process. Meet The Occasional Symphony.

Opera In Unexpected Places

Austin's new One Ounce Opera aims to enliven the lone star state with "unique shows in unexpected locations."

New Singers at Monterey Fest

The 2012 Monterey Jazz Festival featured 5 new jazz singers, all of whom were profiled in a recent article with videos on the NPR site.

Secret Agent No More

If you act as an agent and need to pay musicians, the secrets for doing so are revealed in a recent blog on MusicalAmerica.com, which specifies how to engage, contract, and pay musicians.

Musician Logos

Vandelay Design publishes a gallery of 33 logo designs from the music industry than can serve as inspiration for musicians seeking to design fresh logos.

Free Webinars

Beginning on October 2nd, Fractured Atlas presents free webinars on fundraising and fiscal sponsorship. Discover additional ideas in the article "Partnering with Non-Profits" on The Musician's Way Blog.

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  • Classical Composer Timeline
  • Mobile Payments
  • A G+ Success Story
  • Social Media Management
  • Let's Get Occasional
  • Opera in Unexpected Places
  • New Singers at Monterey Fest
  • Secret Agent No More
  • Musician Logos
  • Free Webinars
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