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From The Musician's Way Blog

5 Tips for Successful Practice. Nothing motivates better than success.
6 Ways to Cultivate Expressive Tone. Unleash your expressive powers.
Renewing Your Repertoire. Bring playfulness and meaning to deliberate practice.
3 High-Demand Career Tracks for Musicians. There's plenty of work out there.
Setting Up a Practice Space. Boost creativity and productivity.

Opera or Cheese?

Think you can tell them apart? Test yourself with the quiz on Classic FM.

Keeping Time

An article in Science News explores how our brains keep track of time (or not).

Tchaikovsky Triumph

The grand prize winner of this year's Tchaikovsky competition was Mongolian baritone Ariunbaatar Ganbaatar. Free videos of his competition performances are available on Medici.tv.

New Concert Hall

The competition to pick the design of the new Beethoven Festspielhaus in Bonn is nearing its climax.

Support MW Online

The Musician's Way websites depend on pay-per-click ads to help cover the costs of keeping the sites running and updated. Show your support by clicking on ads that interest you. Watch for a new site design coming later this year.

Ivory Update

Proposed revisions to the US ivory ban could ease travel headaches for musicians such as string players whose bows contain small amounts of ivory.

Jazz History Podcasts

Musician and scholar Dr. Jose Bowen generously makes available free jazz history podcasts on his site.

Classical Live

Google's new site Classical-Live.com has partnered with five world-class orchestras to provide on-demand and streaming music.

Free Photo Sites

Need images for your site or blog? Check out these free photo libraries.

Dropbox Pro

Musicians who need lots of cloud-based storage can can now get a terabyte for $10/month or $99/year with Dropbox Pro.

Face the Music

Face the Music is an extraordinary program in New York City in which musicians under age 18 champion the music of living composers.

Help for Music Teachers

If you teach music lessons but don't yet have a website that let's you accept credit card payments, do automatic invoicing, maintain an online calendar and more, check out Music Teachers Helper. Accept payments on the fly with Square.

Better Body Language

Musicians can add to their onstage impact by considering 5 nonverbal patterns from top TED talks.

Teaching Artist Tools

The Teaching Artist Support Collaborative of California publishes a range of free resources for teaching artists, including sample contracts and invoices. 

Free Streaming Opera

A new European site called The Opera Platform offers free content from 15 partner theaters. More online resources for singers are compiled at MusiciansWay.com.

Apple Turnover

In June, Apple Music made a U-turn and agreed to compensate musicians during their trial period. The new Fair Music Report from Berklee unveils numerous other troublesome issues across the digital music spectrum.

Audio Quality Quiz

Can you differentiate between high-def and compressed audio files? Find out with the audio quality quiz on NPR.org.

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  • New Concert Hall
  • Support MW Online
  • Ivory Update
  • Jazz History Podcasts
  • Classical Live
  • Free Photo Sites
  • Dropbox Pro
  • Face the Music
  • Help for Music Teachers
  • Better Body Language
  • Teaching Artist Tools
  • Free Streaming Opera
  • Apple Turnover
  • Audio Quality Quiz
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