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From The Musician's Way Blog

Increasing Tempo in Practice. 7 practice techniques of expert musicians.
The Secret to Sustainable Music Careers. There really is one must-know element.
Making the Most of Music Lessons. How students can boost their learning power.
Speaking from the Stage. 6 tips for performers.

Let the Kid Study Music!

Liz Ryan, a soprano and CEO, explains why she supported her children's decisions to study music in college.

Mental Preparation

In a new post on Bulletproof Musician, performance psychologist Noa Kageyama shows how top performers gain an edge via mental practice strategies.

Rethinking Concert Start Times

If we offer concerts at various times, can we reach new audiences? Consider the data in a recent article on Bachtrack.com.

Musicpreneurs on the Rise

In his essay, "The Rise of the Musicpreneur," musician Tommy Darker maps out the skills that musicians need to forge contemporary careers.

Leadership Lessons from Jazz

Jazz musician and serial entrepreneur Josh Linkner writes about "11 Leadership Lessons from Jazz Musicians" that further support the value of music education.

Music Mitigates Dementia

Dementia patients in Southern California recently participated in a Music and Memory Program that led to vast improvements in their' quality of life. Learn more about this nationwide initiative at MusicandMemory.org.

On-Demand Touring

In Britain, listeners and performers can now team up via Songkick Detour to sponsor concerts. One recent example is highlighted in The Economist.

Singer's Guide

The newly published The Singer's Guide to Complete Health, edited by Anthony Jahn, MD, is a must-own text for singers, with numerous articles by leading authorities. More vocal health resources are compiled at MusiciansWay.com.

Deep Practice

To be confident under pressure, we have to absorb our material profoundly. In my posts "Deep Practice" and "Two Kinds of Music Students," I sum up the elements of practice that lead to on-stage security.

How to Ask for Donations

Veteran fundraiser Jerold Panas pinpoints the factors that motivate donors to make major gifts and describes proven ways to ask for donations. Crucial knowledge for musicians and arts organizations!

$422K for Commissions

Chamber Music America recently announced 19 classical and jazz ensembles that received a total of $422,000 from CMA to commission music. New grants are awarded each year.

Your Manager Wants a Deposit?

On the Musical America Blog, arts law expert Brian Taylor Goldstein explains when artist managers can and cannot ask presenters for deposits.

Constraints Fuel Creativity

We might assume that maximal freedom leads to optimal creativity, but speakers at Stanford University's recent Behavioral Science Summit showed how constraints empower creative work. Diana Hereld summarizes the main points in her post "Creativity in Constraint."

2 Bands, 1 Name. Now What?

Can musicians own rights to the name of their group? What if you discover another ensemble using your group's name? These issues and more get sorted out in "When Two Bands Have the Same Name" on Digital Music News.

The Musician's Way 8th Printing

Owing to worldwide enthusiasm for The Musician's Way, the book is now in its 8th printing, and rave reviews keep coming in. Thank you for your support.

The Power of Positivity

Daniel Coyle describes a thought-provoking study in which young people labeled "high potential" outperformed their "average" peers even though they were unknowingly selected at random. Clearly, we can boost our own and others' performance by recognizing that we all possess high potential. Then, by fueling our positive attitudes, we can take daily steps to make our dreams come true. More in my article "Positivity."

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  • Musicpreneurs
  • Leadership and Jazz
  • Music Mitigates Dementia
  • On-Demand Touring
  • Singer's Guide
  • Deep Practice
  • Asking for Donations
  • $422K for Commissions
  • Your Manager Wants a Deposit?
  • Constraints & Creativity
  • Two Bands, One Name
  • 8th Printing
  • The Power of Positivity
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