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From The Musician's Way Blog

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Fun with Ear Training

Theta Music has done it again with newly released free ear training games that are fun for music lovers of all ages. Teachers: You can now obtain low-cost subscriptions that give all your students access to the complete portfolio of Theta games.

YouTube SEO

If you post videos on YouTube, be sure to read Mike McCully's post on the Performance Media Group that describes best practices for crafting search-engine-friendly titles, tags, and descriptions for videos.

Aliens Land in Baltimore!

There’s nothing like an attention-grabbing headline. And we musicians need to be able to create headlines that spark interest in our work. Whether we’re promoting concerts, titling recordings, or tweeting to fans, our words should kindle excitement. Headlines should also ring true, which this one doesn’t (sorry to disappoint). For headline-writing tips, see this post on Jeff Bullas’ blog where he lists 11 resources.

Classical Innovation

Is orthodoxy stifling innovation in the classical music field? Conductor Bill Eddins probes that question and, in the process, incites The 12-tone Inquisition.

Before Hiring a Web Designer

Musicians and others who opt to hire web designers can avoid common legal entanglements by reading A Copyright Lawyer's Perspective on Hiring a Web Designer, courtesy of the Mincov Law Corporation.

What Makes a Musician?

Researcher John Sloboda points to 5 mechanisms through which we attain musical proficiency in his classic article What Makes a Musician. More articles about how we develop creative expertise can be found on the Creativity page at MusiciansWay.com.

Music Boosts Empathy

Researchers have found that children who regularly engage in collective music activities show increased empathic abilities compared to children who don't make music. Another powerful finding that supports the value of childhood music education.

Slow & Fast Practice

How can we practice slowly and still establish the habits needed for high-velocity performance? I tackle that question in "A Different Kind of Slow Practice."

Secrets of a Music Supervisor

Music Supervisors oversee music placement and licensing for film and TV. In a recent post on Music Think Tank, supervisor Season Kent discloses insights that placement-hungry musicians should know.

Sonicbids Tips

All sorts of presenters shop for performers on Sonicbids. Simon Tam's article "How to Get Gigs on Sonicbids" is a must-read for musicians who want to get noticed.

World Music 3

Routledge publishes the popular title World Music, which is now in its 3rd edition and features terrific free online resources that include inspiring videos of performers.

Pitches that Ping

Musicians who want to attract collaborators and presenters need to be able to pitch their ideas convincingly. In "How to Pitch Anything in 15 Seconds," Carmine Gallo, on Forbes.com, shows how to create a message map that provides a helpful blueprint for crafting pitches.

Orchestral Mishaps

Playing in the string section of a top orchestra is exceedingly difficult, so I wonder how performers can hold things together when they're convulsing with laughter. Cellist Janet Horvath seems to have no problem doing so - read more in her recounting of orchestral mishaps.

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  • Aliens Land in Baltimore!
  • Classical Innovation
  • Before Hiring a Web Designer
  • What Makes a Musician?
  • Music Boosts Empathy
  • Slow & Fast Practice
  • Secrets of a Music Supervisor
  • Sonicbids Tips
  • World Music 3
  • Pitches that Ping
  • Orchestral Mishaps
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