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From The Musician's Way Blog

When Every Note Vibrates with Life. 7 ways to ignite expressiveness.
Starting Practice with Intention. Launch each session with optimal focus.
Glorious Details. 6 strategies that bring enjoyment to deliberate practice.
Optimizing Practice Time. "Of all my skills, none is more important than the ability to organize my time." -Twyla Tharpe

Journey, Not Outcome

In May, soprano Joyce DiDonato stood before the graduating class of the Juilliard School and, in a stirring commencement speech, advised, "Commit to the journey, not the outcome."

Facebook Events

A recent article on Hypebot.com lists 10 Rules for Promoting Your Live Show with Facebook Events.

Exposure Effect

Concerned that audiences might not appreciate your aesthetic? Research described on npr.org illustrates a way to boost the appeal of unfamiliar music.

Dissecting Dissonance

Anthony Tommasini published an outstanding piece in The New York Times that explores the nature of musical dissonance.

TMW e-book for $2.99

The Musician's Way is now a Kindle Matchbook, which means that if you bought/buy the paperback from Amazon, the e-book is just $2.99. Don't have a Kindle? Download a free reader.

Deadline Fever

Deadlines have the potential to help or hinder our productivity, depending on our temperaments and the tasks at hand. Read more at FastCompany.com.

Inside Insight

An article on the Buffer Blog serves up strategies that help us generate fresh ideas.

Zoom H6 Reviews

Users of Zoom portable recorders have been praising the new H6, which trumps all other compact recorders on the market. Check it out at Amazon.

A Thriving Orchestra

Many US orchestras are floundering, but Orchestra Iowa has a robust business model.

Hear the Music

Marshall Chasin's book Hear the Music: Hearing Loss Prevention for Musicians is available as a free pdf. Also see my article, "Hear Today. Hear Tomorrow."

Residency Grants

Chamber Music America offers Residency Partnership Grants that cover up to 75% of project costs. Jazz, classical, and world music groups are eligible. Amounts range up to $12,000. Apply by October 31.

Succeeding at Auditions

In April, Metropolitan Opera Orchestra Principal Bassoonist William Short published a blog titled, "Auditioning for the MET Orchestra."

Art Tank

Inspired by the TV show Shark Tank, in which budding entrepreneurs seek funding from a panel of shark-like tycoons, the Arizona Commission on the Arts initiated an Art Tank experiment to award funds to arts organizations, and with interesting results.

Cleaner Vowels

At the University of Rochester, computer science students are helping singers learn their vowels.

5-Year Anniversary

July 2014 marks 5 years of MusiciansWay.com, and I'll be celebrating with a book giveaway and more. Follow The Musician's Way Blog and Facebook page for updates. Thanks for your support!

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  • Exposure Effect
  • Dissecting Dissonance
  • TMW e-book for $2.99
  • Deadline Fever
  • Inside Insight
  • Zoom H6 Reviews
  • A Thriving Orchestra
  • Hear the Music
  • Residency Grants
  • Succeeding at Auditions
  • Art Tank
  • Cleaner Vowels
  • 5-Year Anniversary
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