I'm pleased to present the December/January issue of The Musician's Way Newsletter, designed to keep you informed about topics related to music making, creativity, career building, and living the musician's life. Enjoy! Gerald Klickstein

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From The Musician's Way Blog

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Job Outlook for Musicians

Employment prospects for musicians in the U.S. are weighed in the 2010-11 edition of the Occupational Outlook Handbook published by the Bureau of Labor Statistics. One interesting prediction: “During the 2008–18 decade, most new wage-and-salary jobs for musicians will arise in religious organizations."

For job listings and additional career resources, see the Music Careers page at MusiciansWay.com.

How Not to Write Program Notes

Do classical concert program notes have to be sedating? Not when writers heed pianist Jeremy Denk’s “Deadly Sins of program notes.”

MusiciansWay.com on Facebook

The MusiciansWay.com community on Facebook continues to grow. Stop by and click on the 'Like' button to become a fan.

Historic Jazz Recordings

The National Jazz Museum in Harlem has acquired the Savory Collection, consisting of almost 1000 discs “recorded from radio broadcasts in the late 1930s by an audio engineer named William Savory.” Samples of these historic swing-era recordings are now available on the museum website. Additional tracks will be available as rights issues are resolved.

New Generation Artists

BBC Radio has announced the “seven new artists and ensembles joining the BBC Radio 3 New Generation Artists Scheme for 2010 – 2012.” Learn about the performers at the BBC website.

Beauty and the Beard

This fall, the Brahms Institute in Lübeck, Germany, fleshed out their Brahms digital site with autograph manuscripts, first & early editions, letters, historic concert programs, and more. 

A unique presentation of Brahms' music can be heard on January 2, 2011 at the 92nd Street Y in New York when cellist Steven Isserlis will direct a family concert titled, "Beauty and the Beard: The Life and Music of Johannes Brahms."

MacArthur Musicians

Among the 23 recipients of the MacArthur Foundation’s “genius grants” for 2010 are two deserving musicians: composer/pianist Jason Moran and violinist/educator Sebastian Ruth. Each will receive $500,000 over 5 years to pursue their creative work with no strings attached.

Software Bargains

Students and educators can now purchase software such as Finale and Dreamweaver at deep discounts from JourneyEd.com.

Music and Learning

The evidence is in: “Music lessons can produce profound and lasting changes that enhance the general ability to learn.” Read more in this recent article in Scientific American.

Recording on a Budget

Oxford University Press has just released Recording on a Budget by Brent Edstrom. The 270-page text lays out everything novices need to know to make quality audio recordings at low cost. A companion website includes more than 240 audio excerpts.

Writing about Music

Given the abstract nature of music, how can the written word empower musicians to acquire expertise? The answer lies in the nature of skill acquisition. Read more in "Writing about music" on The Musician's Way Blog.

Start With Why

In this lecture on the Ted site, author Simon Sinek shows that leaders inspire action by communicating the why behind what they do. Valuable lessons for musicians who strive to motivate coperformers and build audiences. 

TMW 4th Printing

The Musician's Way is now in its 4th printing, and the robust sales have allowed MusiciansWay.com to sponsor the prize money for the Junior Division of the 2011 ASTA National Solo Competition.

Thank you everyone for your support. Happy Holidays! Gerald Klickstein

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