The Musician's Way Newsletter explores music making, creativity, career building, technology, and diverse aspects of living the musician's life. Enjoy! Gerald Klickstein

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From The Musician's Way Blog

Popular posts from the past two months:
Excelling Under Pressure. Mindfulness gives performers an edge.
8 Ways to Build Sustainable Music Careers. “The most difficult thing about being a musician these days is not talent. It’s sustainability.” –Robert Sirota
Build a Website. Easily publish a website in 4 steps.
The Musician's Way Study Guide. By Dr. Lisa Dawson of Indiana Wesleyan University.

So Long, Paper Music

The Brussels Philharmonic has swapped out paper music for digital scores displayed on tablet computers. AirTurn.com enables all of us to do the same.

Composing for Video Games

The LA Times describes how composers are expressing their creativity and scoring big by composing for video games

Low-Cost CDs, DVDs, Flash Drives

Mixonic.com has lowered prices on their top-quality production services for custom-printed CDs, DVDs, and flash drives. Hallelujah!

The Musician's Way On Sale at Amazon

For a limited time, Amazon is offering The Musician's Way at more than 25% off. An ideal gift for music lovers!

Excellence, Not Perfection

7 essential habits that foster creativity and counter perfectionism in practice and performance.

Undress for Opera

Predicting that lower ticket prices and a casual dress code will attract younger audiences, the English National Opera launches a welcome initiative they're calling Undress for Opera.

Help for Singers

Singers of every stripe can find vocal health tips on otolaryngologist Anthony Jahn's column on the Voice Council site. Complementary resources are indexed on the MusiciansWay.com For Singers page.

Listen While You Work?

Does listening to music on the job help or hinder our performance? It depends on the task, as Annie Murphy Paul describes in a post on Time.com.

Performance-Oriented Practice

Performance-oriented practice instills all of the qualities we want in concerts.

Commanding Auditions

If you plan to audition anytime soon, be sure to read the 8 must-know strategies in my post Nail Your Audition.

Starting a Non-Profit

People aiming to start non-profit organizations will find free guidance on the site Form1023.org. Complementary entrepreneurship resources abound at TheLaunchPad.org.

Resolving to Create

Confidently initiate creative projects in 2013 using my online course 10-Steps to Lifelong Creativity. Now with flexible pricing: pay as little as $1!

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  • From The Musician's Way Blog
  • So Long, Paper Music
  • Composing for Video Games
  • Low-Cost CDs, DVDs, Flash Drives
  • TMW On Sale at Amazon
  • Excellence, Not Perfection
  • Undress for Opera
  • Help for Singers
  • Listen While You Work?
  • Performance-Oriented Practice
  • Commanding Auditions
  • Starting a Non-Profit
  • Resolving to Create
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