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From The Musician's Way Blog

Handling Requests to Perform for Free. "If event staff will be paid, the musicians should be paid."
Don't Be a White Egg. How to differentiate yourself from others in your genre.
Playing with Ease. 7 ways to instill easeful habits in practice and on stage.

Reinforcing Performance Habits in Practice. Eight strategies that every aspiring musician must know.
Benefiting from Auditions & Competitions. Not all competitors can win prizes, but all can learn valuable lessons from the experience of competing.

Performing with Joy

The updated Performance Resources at MusiciansWay.com empower musicians of all levels to triumph over nervousness and perform with joy.

Speaking Up for Classical Music

Philip Clark delivers an eloquent argument, published this fall in Gramophone.

Better Royalty Collections

An article in The New York Times details how music publisher Kobalt is effectively collecting musicians' royalties.

The New Weebly

The pioneering do-it-yourself website builder Weebly is now better than ever. Easily create and publish an effective musician or band site without needing any tech skills! For music teaching sites, see Music Teachers Helper.

Strads for Loan

The Rachel Barton Pine foundation recently received a donated Stradivarius violin, which it will loan to a yet-unannounced deserving young musician. More in the Chicago Tribune.

Career-Ending Hearing Loss

Writing in The Atlantic, former Minnesota Orchestra cellist Janet Horvath describes how a single loud concert triggered hearing loss that ended her career. Let's work together to prevent such calamities: MusiciansWay.com compiles extensive hearing conservation resources.


In a recent article on the Creative Capital Blog, Hilary LeBeuf urges independent artists to reframe marketing as an act of self-definition, not self-promotion.

Music & Arts Closeouts

Ever so quietly, Music & Arts has been posting closeout merchandise on its site.

Free Video Archives

A wealth of free content is available thanks to the Millennium Stage at the Kennedy Center and the Digital Library at Carnegie Hall.

Ear Training Games

Fresh ear training games have been added to the free library at Theta Music Trainer.

Why Is the Concertmaster Late?

On her blog, Inside the Arts, Holly Mulcahy spotlights the often hilarious questions that novice classical concertgoers ask, helping us better understand the perspectives of new audiences.

What Critics Want

Former New York Times critic Allan Kozinn tells us on the new 21CM Blog.

What Audiences Want

Chamber Music America has compiled a concise but valuable free list of Audience Engagement Resources.

Give TMW this Season

If there are musicians on your holiday list, The Musician's Way is a gift that will benefit them for years, and it's now on sale at Amazon.com.

Caring, not Calling

Seth Godin concisely explains why having a caring, not a calling, powerfully motivates us to create.

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  • The New Weebly
  • Strads for Loan
  • Career-Ending Hearing Loss
  • Ear Training Games
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  • Music & Arts Closeouts
  • Free Video Archives
  • Why Is the Concermaster Late?
  • What Critics Want
  • What Audiences Want
  • Give TMW this Season
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