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-Gerald Klickstein

Do You Jango?

Jango.com is a leading music site where "7 million listeners create custom radio stations that play the artists they select plus similar artists that Jango recommends." The Jango playlist includes top performers in all genres. Now, thanks to an affiliate arrangement with MusiciansWay.com, you can get your music played on Jango for free. Here's how.

Click here to set up a ‘Jango Airplay’ account (if you don't already have one). Then, if your uploaded tracks meet Jango's standards, you'll receive 100 free radio spins; additional spins can be purchased at very low cost. You choose popular artists you think you're similar to, and then your tracks will play alongside those artists in user-created stations. You can promote, communicate with fans, view reports, do geo targeting, and more.

For additional career-development resources, see the Music Careers page at MusiciansWay.com.

From The Musician's Way Blog

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Hands-Free Page Turns

With the innovative tools from AirTurn.com, awkward page turns and page-turning assistants become things of the past. AirTurn makes it possible for performers to turn pages in digitized scores using a discrete foot pedal. The AirTurn site provides everything that individuals and institutions need to create, download, and enjoy digitized scores. 

Treasures from the British Library

Speaking of page turns, the British Library website highlights historic texts using a new multimedia feature called "Turning the Pages." Manuscripts of Handel's Messiah and William Byrd's keyboard music are included, as is a musical diary by Mozart.

The Musician's Best Friend

A musician has no better friend than a metronome, and nowadays we can enjoy pulse-steadying companionship in forms that complement or replace earlier devices. Here, for instance, are two free online metronomes:

Also check out the metronome apps for mobile devices available on iTunes and other download sites.

Unpaid gigs? Maybe.

In his article, "When to Take an Unpaid Gig," David Hahn, of MusiciansWages.com, emphasizes that live music is a valuable service that people will pay for but identifies circumstances in which musicians might choose to donate their work. He contrasts general versus specific exposure and discusses the costs and benefits of performing for free.

Reviews of The Musician's Way

The Musician's Way has received glowing reviews worldwide in prestigious journals such as The Strad, Clavier Companion, Notes, American Music Teacher, and more. Excerpts are posted on the Reviews page at MusiciansWay.com.

New Edition of Beyond Talent

In late September, Oxford University Press will release an updated edition of Angela Beeching's groundbreaking 2005 book Beyond Talent: Creating a Successful Career in Music, complete with a companion website. For a special pre-release price, stop by BN.com. Beeching is the Director of Career Services at the New England Conservatory of Music and an accomplished cellist.

Discounts from Adobe & Avid

Students and educators can receive deep discounts on software at the Adobe Student and Teacher Store as well as from Avid resellers such as Guitar Center (Avid produces Pro Tools, Sibelius, M-Audio, and more). Guitar Center also offers special pricing on Finale. I created and maintain MusiciansWay.com using Adobe Dreamweaver and engraved the music examples in The Musician's Way with Sibelius.

Medications and Your Voice

Many medications can undermine voice quality. Fortunately, the website of the National Center for Voice and Speech lists the ways in which 200 common medications can affect the voice. For additional vocal health guidelines, see the Voice Care portion of MusiciansWay.com as well as pages 268-277 of The Musician's Way

The Marshmallow Challenge

In a video on the TED website, Tom Wujec describes a group exercise labeled "The Marshmallow Challenge" in which a four-person team has 18 minutes to design and erect a free-standing structure using spaghetti, string, and tape, with a marshmallow placed on top.

Wujec explains that kindergarten graduates outperform most adults at this task because children are better at, among other things, divergent thinking and playing with prototypes. He then shows that adult teams can improve their functioning by learning how to manage their creative process.

Similarly, when rising musicians gain facility with the creative skills articulated in The Musician's Way, they embark on the path of lifelong artistic growth.

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  • Discounts from Adobe & Avid
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