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From The Musician's Way Blog

Popular posts from the past two months:
The 3 Roots of Performance Anxiety.” When we understand the causes of stage fright we're empowered to overcome it.
Preparing for Portfolio Careers.” Nine income streams that today's musicians enjoy along with tips to help emerging artists tap them successfully.
Assessing Your Practice Habits.” Size up your practice with 32 true/false statements.
Collaborative Criticism.” 5 ways to handle criticism that enhance collective creativity.
7 Tips for Designing Concert Programs.” Must-know guidelines for crafting successful shows.

Fender Foundation

If you know of a music program in need of instruments or equipment, the Fender Music Foundation would like to help. Applications accepted year-round.

Are Lefties Left Behind?

Ever wonder whether left-handed instrumentalists are at a disadvantage when it comes to learning to play? A new study found that handedness doesn’t matter.

150 Music Careers

The free Australian Guide to Careers in Music “outlines over 150 careers in the music sector and points to the skills and training required.” A fantastic resource pertinent to musicians worldwide. 

One Good Turn

Hands-free page turns just got even better with Air Turn’s BT 105 unit that pairs wirelessly with laptop and tablet computers via Bluetooth technology.

Jazz Wax

Your appreciation for jazz won’t wane thanks to journalist Marc Myers’ outstanding blog JazzWax.com, where he “writes daily on jazz legends and legendary jazz recordings.” A treasure trove for jazz lovers.

Adult Beginners: Come On Down!

Conventional wisdom has it that there's a critical period during childhood when musical skills can best be learned, and late starters are out of luck. Not so! says cognitive psychologist and late-starter guitarist Gary Marcus in the Guitar Zero: The New Musician and the Science of Learning. A book sure to inspire beginners everywhere, it chronicles current research and the author's musical journey.

Timesaving Templates

The Google Template Library contains a wealth of free Google Docs Templates that facilitate project management, resume construction, budgeting, and more. Hallelujah!

Secrets of a Networking Guru

Reid Hoffman sums up the importance of allies, weak ties, and other networking concepts in “The Real Way to Build a Social Network.”

Celebrity Vocal Maladies

Two articles on VoiceCouncil.com describe the vocal challenges of singers John Mayer and Adele during 2011 and highlight crucial injury prevention strategies for singers. For more info about vocal health, see the wellness resources for musicians indexed at MusiciansWay.com.

The Upside of the Downturn

Researchers at the University of Michigan report that “9 out of 10 city dwellers may have enough harmful noise exposure to risk hearing loss.” The primary source of that exposure? MP3 players. So let’s enjoy our music players, but turn ‘em down!

Adventurous Projects

Creative Capital provides "integrated financial and advisory support to artists pursuing adventurous projects.“ Letters of inquiry are due March 1.

Composer Residencies

The American Composers Forum’s McKnight Visiting Composers Program awards up to two fellowships of $14,000 each to composers in any genre who design their own 60-day residencies in Minnesota. Applications must arrive by March 16.

Participatory Arts

This fall, the James Irvine Foundation published the groundbreaking 40-page study Getting In On the Actwhich describes new participatory arts practices and provides 10 illuminating case examples.

Hahn-ting Encores

Violinist Hilary Hahn invites composers to submit by March 15 original compositions for violin and piano of up to 5 minutes in length for her encore contest. Her novel project creates opportunity for composers, generates buzz, and supplies a model for other performers to adapt.

Cultivate Your Creativity

Grow your creativity with the techniques described by Eric Maisel in this insightful video. More creativity resources are available at MusiciansWay.com.

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  • Are Lefties Left Behind?
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  • One Good Turn
  • Jazz Wax
  • Adult Beginners: Come On Down!
  • Timesaving Templates
  • Secrets of a Networking Guru
  • Celebrity Vocal Maladies
  • The Upside of the Downturn
  • Adventurous Projects
  • Composer Residencies
  • Participatory Arts
  • Hahn-ting Encores
  • Cultivate Your Creativity
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