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From The Musician's Way Blog

Returning to Music. 9 tips for rusty musicians.
It's Not Just How Good You Are. It's how intriguing.
Helping Each Other Succeed. 6 ways to support rather than compete.
The Most Important Practice Session. It's not the one before a performance; it's the one right after.

New Zoom Recorder

Zoom has released a fresh version of their top-selling portable recorder, the H4n, now called the H4NSP. Other recording tools for musicians are listed at MusiciansWay.com.

Free Ear Training Games

Theta Music just unveiled several new ear training games that border on addictive. 

Canine Composers

The Miller Theatre at Columbia University called on the JACK Quartet to help them reach an untapped audience. This video tells the story, published March 31.

Instruments on a Plane!

On March 4, 2015, the US Dept. of Transportation updated their regulations that protect musicians who travel with musical instruments.

ASCAP Tops the Charts

The revenue charts, that is, with 2014 income exceeding $1 billion. More in the New York Times.

Black Sox

The Minnesota Opera has commissioned composer Joel Puckett to create a new work that explores baseball's infamous Black Sox scandal. 

Repeat, Please

A TED-Ed video explains why repetition boosts the appeal of musical compositions.

Earplug Misinformation

A recent scientific article by Chesky and Amlani shows that typical musician earplugs don't function as their manufacturers claim. For more about hearing protection, see my post, Hear Today. Hear Tomorrow.

Landmark Concert Halls

In a March 2015 article, The Guardian looks at "10 landmark concert halls around the world where brilliant design means beautiful sound."

Building Audiences

The Wallace Foundation has awarded $52 million to 26 performing arts organizations to support audience-building initiatives. 

Carnegie Digital Library

Carnegie Hall is steadily growing it's free digital library with content for educators, listeners and performers.

Listen to the Future

In his April article "Listen to the Future," Alex Ross writes about the vibrancy of today's new music scene.

Crowdfunding Tips

PR guru Ariel Hyatt recently shared on LinkedIn online promotion tips for musicians planning crowdfunding campaigns. 


A post on Brainpicker about "interbeing" can help musicians and everyone else be more generous in their professional and personal relationships. 

Udemy Discounts

The online learning site Udemy is deeply discounting courses - up to 90%. Many are free. 

Grow the 8%

As this infographic shows, only 8% of college faculty tap research into teaching and learning, but there are ample resources to change that. The Musician's Way provides a research-based approach to music learning that empowers both teachers and students to grow their abilities.

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  • Black Sox
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  • Earplug Misinformation
  • Landmark Concert Halls
  • Building Audiences
  • Carnegie Digital Library
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  • Udemy Discounts
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