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Annual London event: The Why? Series 

SAVE THE DATE The ‘Why?’ Series – God and Suffering, Saturday, May 7, London. 

Following on from our 'Reasons for God' event in London last year, we are launching the ‘Why?’ Series, an annual day which will help to equip you to make a positive, practical and credible case for God to the people who matter in your world.

Each day will be centred on a specific theme. The first of the series will explore the question of suffering and God.

For details on our March Training Weekend and the OCCA Business Programme in June, see below

Do Muslims and Christians worship the same God?  

Are Christians and Muslims just people of the Book?
Here are some helpful resources in exploring this important question.
Our itinerant speaker, Nabeel Qureshi, a former Muslim and New York Times best selling author has explored the question here: rzim.org/global-blog/do-muslims-and-christians-worship-the-same-god
Nabeel was also interviewed by Julie Roys here: julieroys.com/seeking-truth-do-muslims-and-christians-worship-the-same-god/
Other articles and resources:
BeThinking.org - www.bethinking.org/islam/do-christians-and-muslims-worship-the-same-god
The Trinity vs. Tawhid debate with Shabir Ally and Nabeel Qureshi: youtu.be/FWpqqqZn7Kg
Articles by Andy Bannister on the differences between Islam and Christianity - www.bethinking.org/author/andy-bannister/page/all

March Training Weekend

Want to deepen your understanding of your faith and be equipped to defend, commend and give clear reasons for the Gospel? The Zacharias Trust Training Weekends are for you or a friend you know who wants to grow in confidence and faith.
Date:  Friday 18th – Sunday 20th March 2016
Location: The Zacharias Trust, 76 Banbury Road, Oxford & Wycliffe Hall, 52-54 Banbury Road, Oxford
Phases being run: Foundation & Advanced A (Formerly Phase 1 & Phase 2)
Cost: £125 per person (including lunch and dinner each day, apart from Saturday lunch, which is free time, but excluding accommodation)
Full details can be found on the website here.
To book, please phone 01865 302900 and speak to our reception team who will be able to take your booking.

The OCCA Business Programme  

“The Business Programme left me with an invigorated spirit, a clearer mind, a focused vision and a determined heart to make Christ known.”

The Business Programme at the Oxford Centre for Christian Apologetics is designed to equip senior business people and professionals with the ability to share and defend the Christian faith in a credible, culturally-engaging and relevant way.
If you or a friend have over ten years’ experience in the marketplace and a desire to be a more effective witness in the place that God has called you to serve, then this course will re-invigorate, envision and equip you. Core lecturers are given by our world-class team including John Lennox, Os Guinness, Michael Ramsden and Amy Orr-Ewing.

For further details and to apply online, see www.theocca.org/business-programme.

Also this month...

// View ‘Keeping Watch over Worship’ with Amy Orr-Ewing 

// Watch ‘The Death and Resurrection of Jesus Christ’ with Nabeel Qureshi: Part 1 & Part 2

// Read the report on Ravi Zacharias at Passion 2016 given to over 40,000 students.

// Read a summary of Ravi’s Passion conference talk, ‘Does the Truth Matter To You?'

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