iMAC 2 Controller
The iMAC2 Controller forms part of the iMAC Integrated Monitoring and Control System, designed specifically for long line distributed monitoring and control in harsh hazardous areas such as mining and heavy industry.

The Controller uses a patented signalling system to communicate with modules connected to the iMAC fieldbus. This signalling technique utilises a robust combination of pulse width modulation and current loop techniques to provide reliable fail safe communications in the harshest of mining environments.
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Typical Applications
  • Emergency Stop Systems
  • Bulk material conveyors (E/stop, Pullkey monitoring, belt drift/wander, belt tear, blocked chute, sequencing and remote isolation controls)
  • Mine wide gas monitoring systems (NERZ/ERZ systems, CH4, CO, CO2, O2, H2S, NO, and NO2 monitoring)
  • Longwall monitoring and control (E/stop, remote isolation controls)
  • Coal preparation plant/washery monitoring
  • Rail network traffic monitoring
  • Any application that requires reliable monitoring and control of fieldbus I/O distributed over large distances. Up to 10km and beyond can be achieved, subject to system configuration and cable type.
Key Features
  • Backwards compatibility with existing iMAC Installations
  • Flexible monitoring and control using a large range of I/O iMAC module types
  • Fault tolerant fieldbus with high electrical noise immunity
  • Configurable RS232/RS422/RS485 serial communications port
  • Ethernet TCP/IP RJ45 Communications Port
  • Supports Modbus TCP/IP
  • Web server for advanced fieldbus diagnostics and live system status
  • Real time clock with NTP protocol support allowing accurate event and data logging
  • SIL Rated Safety Control Relay Output for E/stop function
  • Intrinsically Safe Monitoring and Control System
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