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Happy New Year!

Our cast boxes molds are one of Colour de Verre most popular lines. But, people have often asked us for larger versions. They want a larger interior for storing trinkets and treasures, and a bigger lid to embellish and decorate. We now have a design that addresses those needs: Our new Large Round Box. It is almost twice as large as the original version.

Like our other box designs they are easy to make. Yet, there are plenty of creative possibilities for advanced casters to explore. Moreover, it is the answer to that question often asked by glass artists: What do I do with my scrap sheet glass?

Download our new project sheet. It has complete priming, filling, and firing instructions. We’ve also included a new technique so you can incorporate some of those beautiful art glass sheets into your castings.

Best wishes,

PS If you ever have questions about our company, our designs, or how to use them, don’t hestiate to give us a call or drop us a note. Complete contact information is on our website.
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