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Make Sure to Turn on Pictures Hello everybody,

Our jewelry designs have been some of the best selling products we’ve created. Yet, people often request smaller designs to craft understated pendants and coordinating earrings. In response, we’re releasing two new designs: Oval Pendants and Teardrop Pendants. Both are classic motifs and create concise, understated pieces. Each mold make six castings in three sizes with every firing.

We’re highlighting the new designs with a technique that produces wonderfully eye-catching pendants and earrings. The technique couldn’t be easier as it only takes one firing and requires no glass cutting or grinding. Further, the pendants’ colors can be customized to exactly match personal tastes. Step-by-step instructions and firing schedules are given in this new project sheet. It can be applied to any of our jewelry designs.

If you are going to the Las Vegas Glass Expo, look for us wandering the show in our Color de Verre bowling shirts. We are skipping exhibiting this year so we can focus on new products.

Best wishes,
Larry Jacobsen

PS If jewelry isn’t your thing, check out this new project sheet. It describes how to make a striking platter with a lava-like surface and a “parade” of shiny black salamanders around the rim.

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