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Support Joe: $100,000 Goal
This year's Republican primary in Alaska has come down to a fight between the establishment and the conservative grassroots. Unfortunately, Joe Miller and his homegrown base of conservative Alaskans are facing legal battles with well-funded special interests committed to maintaining the status quo in Washington.

With your support, Joe can continue his momentum; stave off the inevitable lawsuits, and cross the finish line with another victory for the conservative movement. Please donate 50, 75, or 100 dollars to preserve the integrity of Alaska's electoral system and ensure that the true conservative is on the ballot in November.


Help Joe return the power, land, and resources of the states to the people that live in them! Please forward this message to anyone who would like to help. See our live progress at

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Joe Miller
POB 83440
Fairbanks, AK 99708

Anchorage: 907-929-9563
Fairbanks: 907-452-8559
Rural Areas Call: 1-800-438-4563
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