Practices to Transform Heavy Energy To Light & Winter News From Ashera
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"When You Change The Way You Look At Things, The Things You Look At Change"

In This Issue:
- Hucha Mikhuy- Transforming Heavy Energy To Light & Recharging Your Inner Sun.
- Ayurvedic Wellness Tips for Balance in the Winter Season.
- Women's Andean Medicine Wheel & Mesa Building Training/Circle- Begins January 16th 2017.
- Awakening The Divine & Wild Feminine Transformational Journey to Peru- April 15-24th
- Individual Soul Coaching & Apprenticeship Programs- 2 Spots Open for January 2017
- Begin the Year A New!! 25% of Energy Medicine & Shamanic Healing Sessions through January.

Solstice Blessings Friends & Clients:

As I sit and gaze out the window, I see sparkling abundant corn fields and powerful mystical mountains.  Here in the Andes it is summer solstice. The sun is called "INTI" in Quechua and is of utmost importance to all of us wherever we live. It gives us abundance and inspiration.  For each of us "Inti" gives us the fire and strength in our lives.

It is a time to remember even in the darkest days and nights there is new light available everyday to rekindle and inspire us. Amidst the intense challenges we all can face personally and globally the practice of cultivating the light can assists us to bring  in a new way of looking at our life and our world.

In the Andean tradition it is said we are children of the sun.
We carry the light of the sun within us and have the ability to choose to share that light to assist others and the earth to thrive.  Sometimes it can feels like our own light and the light of the world is dim especially during the darkest days and with the way the earth is being treated around the globe. But we have the ability to focus our energy to shine the light. Practice remembering how to use the light of the sun or a candle to call the light back into your life. Below is a simple but potent Andean practice that may help you rekindle your light.

Practice: Rejuvenating Your 3 Energy Centers.
Hucha Mikhuy- Transforming Hucha to Sami. (heavy energy to light energy).

Begin by drawing your attention to and connecting with the sun. If it is cloudy, then use a candle.
1. Visualize and feel the light. Allow it to directly enter into your belly. Feel it like a cord of light connecting with and igniting your belly with light. Take 3 deep breaths in and receive this light fully into your belly allowing all heavy energy be dissolved by the light.
2. Move your attention to the Heart do the same practice. Take 3 deep breaths.
3. Move your attention to 3rd Eye with the same practice. Take 3 deep breaths.
4. Feel all  3 cords of light ignite inside your centers simultaneously.  Take 3 breaths. Take in the Light Energy.
5. Now, use your intention to invite the light of the sun to eenter through your crown chakra. Let it wash through and down your body transforming any heavy energy to light.
6. Try this every morning.

Take a moment in your day to bring some consciousness and appreciation to the natural world. Bring a sense gratitude toward all that the sun brings us. May you shine bright!!

I am here to support you in bringing in a NEW Year. Schedule &  Transformational Healing Session and begin again!

Wishing you all beautiful holiday season.
Many Blessings, Ashera


Andean Medicine Wheel & Mesa Building Training & Women's Circle
5 Week Distance Program
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When January 16th- February 13th.

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Awakening The Divine & Wild Feminine Women's Transformational Healing Journey to Sacred Valley, Andes, Peru
April 15-24th, 2017

Alchemy of the Elements, Mystical Temple Sites and Portals, Shamanic Healing, Q'ero Wisdom Keepers, Ceremonies,  Sound Healing, Yoga, Dance and more..


with Ashera Serfaty & Dinah Puodziunas


Energy Medicine, Shamanic Healing & Soul Coaching Sessions

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Individual Soul Coaching Apprentiships & Training Programs.

1-3 Month Journeys Available:
2 Spots open for January

From the Comfort of your Home

Open to new ways of seeing and walking through life. Assistance in to letting go of the old and birth the new. Through energy medicine, shamanic healing, medicine wheel practices, theta healing and other tools and modalities you can learn how to change your story and open to the new. Tools in assisting  others in doing the same are also included.

Ayurvedic Wellness Tips:

Bringing Balance to your Health In Winter Season!

The winter can aggravate the Kapha Dosha, which relates to the elements of earth and water.

• Drink warm herbal teas throught the day like ginger cinnamon and cardamon.

• Eat warming and light meals favoring spicy, bitter and astringent foods.

• Add spices such as: cumin, ginger, mustard, tumeric and black pepper to your cooking for warmth and easy digestion.

• Avoid overindulging in sweets and dairy. Avoid cold and fried foods.

• Use aromatherapy like bergamot, and tulsi and cinnamon.

• Give yourself daily warm invigorating oil massage using sesame or almond oils before bath or showers.

• Take deep breaths into the heart and chest.

• Get things moving. Take vigorous walks getting the lungs and body warmed up.

• Practice yoga at a vigorous pace and intensity keeping chest and shoulders  and heart lifted

Ashera Serfaty

I am here to assist you as a compassionate guide, energy and shamanic healer, coach, mentor.  I have a holistic and integrative approach to assisting you to step into your authentic self. I understand through my own personal experience and work with others that health and healing is a whole system, body, heart, mind, and soul. You are your own healer. It is when we connect to our deep soul and life journey on the level of energy and myth then our original balance and peaceful true nature return to us. I have over 13 years experience in Shamanic Energy Medicine, Theta Healing, Yoga, Ayurveda and more. I have been blessed to study with a variety of renowned teachers and training and have learned from indigenous healers, the earth and the mountains and guides directly.

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