Spring Inspirations/ News from Luminosity Healing Arts: Plus Upcoming Events in the PNW.
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“With life as short as a half taken breath, don't plant anything but love.”


Spring Blessing Friends & Clients:

What inspires you? Spring is the time for planting new growth. The best way is to prepare yourself like you would a garden. First, like your garden you need to dig up the old weeds and turn the soil. Clear out the old through cleansing, detoxing, modifying your diet and recommitting to your morning energy/yoga/qigong practice. Whatever kind of cleansing and rejuvenating practices you do, enjoy them. This is the key ingredient, to do them with love. Below there some yoga and ayurvedic spring practices and ideas that may be helpful for the spring season.

Next plant new inspiration. What brings you joy and makes your heart sing? When you feel blase, what are the things you can turn to that shift things and bring in new energy. What are the seeds of inspiration you would like to plant? Life can be very serious and it is so important to have a great outlet for cultivating inspiration and doing things you just love. I am always inspired by the magnificence of nature in all its forms. Also, love to dance. So, when I lack inspiration, I simply go out in nature and it easily wipes the slate clean to begin again fresh with new inspiration.  From the place of your inspiration you can be more present and embracing in your life and the world.

Take some time to nourish the seeds you are growing in your life, from a place of love.  Planting inspiration is different than wanting something. It is cultivating the inspiration by being the inspiration and doing things that inspire you. What are you inspired about? Take a moment to plant that seed. You can symbolically do so by finding a seed and blowing into it what inspires you and planting it in your garden. Then simply make space to engage in the activities that inspire you and watch your garden grow.

Here in Peru we are finishing the rainy season and heading into fall. Really, it is more like spring here with all the flowers and so many different vibrant shades of green all around. The corn and quinoa are growing high in preparation for the harvest this April. Very Abundant. It has been a pleasure to lead some personal retreats here and continue to fall in love with incredible beauty of the Andes which never ceases to amaze me. Soon I will be flying back North.

I will be heading to the Pacific Northwest in North America, at the beginning of May. Join me at Seattle Sound Temple with Irene Ingalls, one of my favorite collaborators for some upcoming events there including the Sacred Sound & Munay-ki ceremonies as well as our Spring Retreat in the Cascade Foothills.

Also if you want to come to Peru, plant your seeds now for November or April.

If I can assist you in any way with something please don't hesitate to reach out.

Love and Beauty, Ashera


Mystical Shamanic Energy Medicine Training & Womens Circle: Transformation & Rite of Passage Through the Medicine Wheel and Shamanic Journeying

5 Week Distance Program
From The Comfort of your Home on the Phone
March 27- April 24th

5 Mondays. 6-7:30pm PST
Limited Space. R. S. V. P

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Munay-ki Rites & Sacred Sound Ceremonies:

Seattle Sound Temple
Fremont, Seattle, WA

May 11th, 2017
May 25th, 2017

R. S. V. P. Limited Space

with Ashera Serfaty & Irene Ingals
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Replenishing Spring: A Sacred Sound & Alchemical Shamanic Long Weekend Retreat

Mosswood Hollow Retreat Center: Cascade Foothills, Duvall WA.

June 9-11th 2017

with Ashera Serfaty & Irene Ingalls
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Transformational Yoga & Mystical Shamanic Retreat to Sacred Valley Peru & Machu Picchu

November 20th- December 2nd, 2017

with Ashera Serfaty & Lisa Saremi
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Sacred Sound & Alchemical Shamanic Retreat to the  Andes, Peru: Sacred Valley, Machu Picchu,& Mystical Lake Titicaca

April 15th-30th, 2018

with Ashera Serfaty & Irene Ingalls

Save Your Spot!!
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Energy Medicine, Shamanic Healing & Soul Coaching Sessions:

Available From Anywhere in the World, From the Comfort of Home.

“Almost immediately, I felt an acutely heightened awareness that allowed me greater understanding and clarity of focus on the issues I needed to work on. I have seen dramatic improvements in my relationships, my outlook and my sense of purpose.” -Lorraine Ketch

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Individual Soul Coaching & Training Programs:

Level 1: One Month Healing Program
Level 2: Three Month Healing & Training Program
1 Spot Now Available for April

From the Comfort of your Home by Phone.

Open to new ways of seeing and walking through life. Assistance in to letting go of the old and birthing the new. Through energy medicine, shamanic healing, medicine wheel practices, theta healing and other tools and modalities you can learn how to change your story and open up to your unique gifts and intuition. Tools in assisting  others in doing the same are also included in Level 2.

Ayurvedic & Yoga Wellness Tips:

Bringing Balance to your Health In Spring Season!

The spring can aggravate the Kapha Dosha, which relates to the elements of earth and water.

• Drink warm herbal teas throught the day like ginger cinnamon and cardamon.

• Eat warming and light meals favoring spicy, bitter and astringent foods.

• Add spices such as: cumin, ginger, mustard, tumeric and black pepper to your cooking for warmth and easy digestion.

• Avoid overindulging in sweets and dairy. Avoid cold and fried foods.

• Use aromatherapy like rosemary, bergamot, and tulsi and cinnamon.

• Give yourself daily warm invigorating oil massage using sesame or almond oils before bath or showers.

• Take deep breaths into the heart and chest.

• Get things moving. Take vigorous walks getting the lungs and body warmed up.

• Practice yoga at a vigorous pace and intensity keeping chest and shoulders  and heart lifted

Ashera Serfaty

I am here to assist you as a compassionate guide, energy and shamanic practitioner, soul coach and mentor.  I have a holistic and integrative approach to assisting clients in to stepping into their authentic selves. I understand through my own personal experience and work with others that health and healing is a whole system, body, heart, mind, and soul. You are your own healer. It is when we connect to our deep soul and life journey on the level of energy and myth then our original balance and peaceful true nature return to us. I have over 13 years experience in Shamanic Energy Medicine, Theta Healing, Yoga, Ayurveda and more. I have been blessed to study with a variety of renowned teachers and training and have learned from indigenous healers, the earth, mountains and guides directly.


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