Today is Day 01 of the Bulletproof Security Challenge. (#30DBSC for short)
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Welcome Garrett! 

Today is Day 01 of the Bulletproof Security Challenge. We’re keeping the lesson light today and giving you a preview of the tasks you’ll be tackling over the next 30 days.

First, it’s important to note that the lessons in this challenge are intended to be easy—VERY easy—but we get we’re not all techies, so let’s put it this way: We all own cars, but that doesn’t make us all mechanics. All the same, if you get a flat in the middle of nowhere, you’ll save yourself a lot of trouble if you know how to change a tire. 

Security is the same way—our IT teams (mechanics) take care of the complex work, while we handle the day-to-day stuff ourselves.

Honestly, most threats try to take advantage of you in simple ways, and by forming certain habits, they can be shut down. Reports show that 95% of data loss stems from tiny acts of carelessness, like getting phished, or forgetting to update your apps & software. (Tweet this)  Also, the skills you’re learning will work in your personal life too—so you’ll be able to keep that bank account secure!

Let’s jump in and see what you’re going to learn.

We’ve broken the challenge into 3 stages, and each stage will only focus on a few topics, progressively getting more advanced:
Beginner’s Techniques
  • Keeping login info organized
  • Creating better passwords
  • Staying Virus Free
  • Removing malware and spyware

Intermediate Techniques 
  • Using 2-factor authentication
  • Mobile device security
  • Sending encrypted information
  • Using the browser safely

Preventative Techniques
  • Spotting phishing and scams
  • Updating and patching apps
  • Creating a disaster plan

Now it’s your turn:

At the end of every lesson we’ll outline what you should do next. We’ll try to keep it to 1 task, but it will never be more than 3. The tasks will always relate to what you've learned, and should never take longer than 15 minutes.

Some lessons will ask you to try out a tool, like sending an encrypted email, so inviting someone to join you will make it fun, and you can hold each other accountable. The link below will take you to a form to send your colleague an invitation.
Invite a Buddy
See you tomorrow!

Dan & Garrett
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