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Congrats, <<First Name>>!

Today marks your halfway point through the Bulletproof Security Challenge, and we’re celebrating with a short lesson. Now that you have Android Device Manager (ADM) set up on your phone, it’s time to learn about the cool things it can do!

At any time you can now log into a computer anywhere, and go to to do these 4 things:
  • Locate your phone
  • Ring your phone
  • Lock your phone
  • Wipe your phone

For day-to-day use, the handiest of those features is “Locate your phone,” but unless you have Location Services enabled on your phone, you’ll get stuck with this screen:

Turning on Location Services

To get the most out of ADM, you’ll want to enable Location Services, which is very simple on most phones. Here’s a quick and easy way to enable it:

From your Android App/Widget Tray
  • Open your “App Tray” by dragging your finger down from the top of your phone screen
  • Look for an icon resembling crosshairs or a location pin, which could look like this: 
  • Tap the icon so it is highlighted. You may see the icon flash at the top of your screen, signalling that it’s being enabled.

If that doesn’t work on your Android phone, try following these directions to activate it on your phone. 

Once you’ve enabled Location Services, Android Device Manager will display these messages:
It’s important to remember that Location Services works with a lot of other apps on your phone, which you may or may not be comfortable with, such as geotagging posts on social media apps, or targeted ads based on your location. 

When should you have location enabled?

This comes down to personal preference—some people turn location off for privacy, or to conserve battery. What’s important is that you know how to enable and disable location features, and you can use personal judgement to enable location strategically, such as:
  • Travelling outside of your usual locations (home, work, school)
  • Attending a crowded event where your phone could go missing

Now It’s Your Turn:

  • Activate Location Services (2 min)
  • Locate your phone using Android Device Manager (2 min)
Tomorrow, you’ll finish up your ADM studies, by learning how to use the Lock & Erase features. 
Mobile device management doesn’t have to be a pain for your office, either. As more and more users are interested in using their personal devices for work, you’ll want to keep up by using tools that are robust enough to manage them, and keep company data secure. Drop us a line and get feedback on what type of MDM would work best for your office when it’s time to implement a BYOD plan. Find Your Solution Here
Talk to you then!

Dan & Garrett
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