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Chiropractors' Association of Australia
Chiropractor cleared in Parliament

Dear Brian,

AHPRA documents clearing a Chiropractor of an alleged neck ‘break’ were tabled in Queensland Parliament last night.

Please see the following extract from Hansard:

Mrs Jo-Anne Miller, Shadow Minister for Health, Queensland Parliament

“AHPRA did indeed properly investigate this matter, and I table the independent expert report received by AHPRA, along with the consulting radiologist’s report and a CD containing copies of the MRI, CT Scans and x-rays taken of the child.

I now quote from the radiologist diagnosis – 

“CONCLUSION: No evidence of fracture. The appearance of pedicles at C2 is consistent with bilateral spondylosis.”

In plain terms the child suffered from a congenital condition which prevents the spine hardening in the normal way.

The symptoms of this condition can be confused with what is known as hangman’s fracture, but the radiologist report right from the beginning of this matter made it clear there was no fracture. The child’s father had a similar condition.

The Chiropractor did not and could not have broken the child’s neck because there never was a broken neck to begin with.

There are clear lessons here about the need for effective communications between health practitioners from different health professions treating the same patient.”

To see the statement in Parliament in full, go to p 3386 of

Bevan Lisle BA, LLB, MPub
Communications Director, CAA National

The Peak Body Representing Chiropractors

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