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Takaka (Golden Bay) - Schnapp Dragon Distillery
A must to visit if you are in the area! Terry is a master distiller of all things delicious and is more than generous with his tastings & generous with his knowledge

Nelson Markets - Look for Jorge of Fernados
 Try his Delicious Chorizo. He has our Cataplana for sale

Banks Penninsula - Phtyofarm
Valmai is practitioner of herbal medicine. She is experienced and skilled in growing, consulting & dispensing
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 Angelica (Angelica archangelica)
My plant is in its second year- huge, green and luscious.In medieval and renaissance herbals Angelica has been referred to as the Angels Herb or the "Root of the Holy Spirit"..
 I apologetically & with a sigh took my spade & thrust through the middle pulling, up a piece of root. The aromatics were released,  I was in the angels cloud! Its beautiful. The aroma is soft, fluffy, reminds me of soapy bubbles in a warm bath.
 Angelica has been compared to the famous Chinese tonic herb Ginseng.
The Hydrosol from the root has been used for spiritual & emotional applications. Suzanne Caty describes Angelica Root Hydrosol as "sedating, grounding and calming".  A good choice to help relieve anxiety & severe stress. The aroma is sweet & slightly spicy. Try using it as a mister, inhaling the aroma. This is a safe & effective way of using the naturally occurring essential oil that is in suspension in the hydrosol. As well as being cooling and calming it may soothe a cold or cough. Store your fresh hydrosol in an atomizer bottle & mist your face when you are feeling stressed or hot and bothered!
 I washed the root in  water & scraped off the outer skin. The inside is fibrous, white, soft and separates easily.
 We used the Alembic 2.5 L Column with a lamp. The small stills are ideal for setting up in the kitchen and experimenting with new botanicals.We filled the column with the shredded root & put the rest in the bowl.. As the heat of the water breaks down the cellulose, the volatile components of the plant are released. The aroma deepens & becomes more complex.
 This sounds like a great one to try as well using an Eau de vie or a grape brandy as a base

"A delicious liqueur which is also a digestive, preserving all the virtues of the plant, is made in this way: 1 OZ. of the freshly gathered stem of Angelica is chopped up and steeped in 2 pints of good brandy during five days 1 OZ. of skinned bitter almonds reduced to a pulp being added. The liquid is then strained through fine muslin and a pint of liquid sugar added to it."  

 If you distill your brandies in the summmer & Autumn, & add the seasonal summer fruits, the reward is to filter them on a bleak wet day &           try some. Its wonderful to share your own organic simple & authentic liquers with friends after a dinner or lunch on a winters day & know they are most probably good for you & your digestion (in small quantities! - however with the time its taken, nobodies getting more than one glass anyway!) 
Do you recall the mason jars with various bits macerating in an Eau de Vie? 
 Its been 4 months now. I made the fig one first so I filtered it using an unbleached coffee paper filter & decanted the resulting amber liqueur  .. ...
Tastes as good as it looks!  Im looking forward to filtering the roast quince, the colour will be fantastic! 
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