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If a window of opportunity appears, don't pull down the shade.” — Tom Peters

What a wild and crazy spring we have had!!  I truly cannot remember when we’ve had such diverse weather - hot, cold, snow, rain, and once in a while, some sunshine. It has been the same with the various grant cycles and funders. We’re beginning to see more opportunities and increases in grant awards. However, because everyone is still recuperating from the economic downturn, there is abundant competition for the dollars.  

We’re also observing a shift in what is being requested for outcome measurements. Funders are asking organizations to not only deliver outcome metrics on their numbers but also demonstrate the effectiveness of their organizational capacity. The question then arises, “What makes an organization effective?”

According to Grantmakers for Effective Organizations,  it is “the rededication to achieving results.”  Organizational capacity is multi-faceted and continually evolving. Six components of organizational capacity are necessary for high performance: governance and leadership; mission, vision, and strategy; program delivery and impact; strategic relationships; resource development; and internal operations and management. These interdependent factors all contribute to the health and performance of a nonprofit organization.

Mission, vision, and strategy are the driving forces that give the organization its purpose and direction. Program delivery and impact are the nonprofit’s primary reasons for existence, just as profit is a primary aim for many for-profit companies. Strategic relationships, resource development, and internal operations and management are all necessary mechanisms to achieve the organization’s ends. Absent any one of them, an organization flounders or does not reach its full potential.  Leadership and governance is the lubricant that keeps all parts aligned and moving.

So, as we move from the craziness of the spring weather and into the warmth of May and June, take some time to review your group’s organizational capacity. It will be worth the time and effort, and possibly make you more viable in the eyes of the funder.

As a quick side note, we will be exhibiting at the upcoming conferences:  GGPA Southern Regional Grant Conference May 2-3, and; Georgia Center for Nonprofits Annual Summit May 20-21. Come by and see us if you are in attendance!

Today’s Website:
Amazing Entrepreneur Contest

This is not within the norm of what we usually bring you for websites.  However, we have to do a little bragging as we were the winner of this year’s Amazing Entrepreneur Contest sponsored by the Gwinnett Chamber of Commerce in partnership with the University of Georgia Small Business Development Center. A fantastic experience in that it made us look at ourselves with a microscopic lens and determine how effective we are as a business.

Susan Bacon receiving Amazing Entrepreneur Award

Susan Bacon receiving the Amazing Entrepreneur award for Palmetto Grant Consulting. Very exciting!
Today’s Organization: 
NeuroScience Foundation
brain - neuroscience
NeuroScience Foundation supports local research to improve and accelerate treatments that significantly improve the lives of people suffering from neurological and other devastating diseases.  

NeuroScience Foundation is the result of the hard work and dedication of Marshall L. Nash, MD, FAHA, CPI. The foundation was created in September 2010 and is dedicated to encouraging and opening the availability of neurological research by supporting clinical research, public outreach and education focused on neurological diseases.

The goals of the Foundation are to raise funds to enhance neurological research, start new medical research sites, train new research employees, encourage hospital research, and supplement existing research sites in Georgia and the Southeastern States.

Palmetto Grant Consulting applauds NeuroScience Foundation on its efforts.  We also congratulate the organization on its recent grant awarded by the Scott Hudgens Family Foundation.
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