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NAIPC News 2016 January 8, 2016

In This Week's Issue

  • Each One Bring One Campaign
  • Caregivers Working Group
  • Granny Pods
  • The Sandwich Generation's Juggling Act
  • A New Generation Acheiving Lifestyle Independence
  • Chapter Updates
  • Member Spotlights
  • Upcoming Events

Each One Bring One Campaign

      At the National Aging in Place Council’s Annual Meeting the Board of Directors, along with attendees, endorsed an effort to grow the organization and, as a result, have a stronger voice in the national conversation about aging. To achieve this growth we are beginning a six month “Each One Bring One” campaign, and are asking each member to participate.

      Between now and June 30th, we are asking each current member to recruit one new member. In each issue of our newsletter we will publish an “I brought 1” list. By the end of June we hope to see all current member’s names on this list.


Caregivers Working Group

      After successfully initiating conversation with our Home Modification Working Group NAIPC is turning its focus to caregiving with a Caregivers Working Group.

      Dara McMillan,
Propser Home Care, and Holly Spiegel, Motion Picture & Television Fund, will be moderating a Caregivers Working Group call Wednesday, January 27 from 3:00-4:00pm EST. For more information or to RSVP to the working group please contact Agenda to come.

Granny Pods

Attempts are constantly being made to change the way we view assisted living. Reverend Ken Dupin, founder of N2Care, is revolutionizing quality senior care with his MedCottages, also known as “granny pods.” Granny Pods are state-of-the art cottages that allow seniors private care in their family’s own backyard. These 12 x 24 foot homes are designed to facilitate long-term eldercare. MedCottage’s innovative features and interiors allow for privacy while also providing quality care.
      Each Granny Pod can be customized with webcams, a handicap accessible bathroom, and cushioned floors to protect residents from slips and falls. Granny Pods ensure safety while maintaining the luxuries of home; a kitchen, medication dispenser, and most important of all, independence.

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The Sandwich Generation's Juggling Act

      Just about anyone can learn to juggle. Start with one ball and slowly add another, your hand-eye coordination adjusts to the rhythm and before you know it you are juggling three balls. However, it’s trying to add a fourth ball that separates the amateurs from the serious jugglers.

      America’s Sandwich Generation of Caregivers is in an unremitting juggling act with three balls, (1) children, (2) career, and (3) me. “While many Americans can handle three balls once the caregiving ball is added, inevitably the ball getting dropped is ‘me’,” says Sherri Snelling,
NextAvenue. In her article Snelling suggests that by following the premise that juggling requires getting only one ball in the air at a time may provide Caregivers with the focus and synchronicity to juggle all four balls.

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A New Generation Acheiving Lifestyle Independence

 Remaining independent while maintaining mobility and mental acuity, for many, are resolute goals as they age. But, in reality some form of custodial care is likely in all of our futures. Enter, the professional advisors who will play a pivotal role in helping their clients with estate planning and caregiving solutions. The good news is that, with the help of these professional advisors, achieving lifestyle independence is becoming more and more attainable.

      As Baby Boomers move out of the “sandwich generation” the Gen Xers are moving into it. Research shows that the Boomers’ experiences caring for aging parents has impacted their own estate planning and retirement priorities. As Boomers exit the sandwich generation and leave behind their caregiving roles to begin focusing on their own estate planning and retirement objectives, they are bringing a fresh new perspective. One can only hope that the Gen Xers follow suit.

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Chapter Updates

 The Greater Charleston chapter of NAIPC recently welcomed its new 2016 Board. David Heilman will be stepping in as Chairman of the chapter. Joining him as Co-Chair is Dana Madanski; Secretary/Treasurer, Laura Stefanelli; Membership Committee Chair, Sheena Janse; PR/Communications Committee Chair, Laura Rayl; and Member at Large, Mark Lee. Congratulations! We are looking forward to an exciting year.

Member Spotlight:  

      “Just as a doctor helps protect your physical health, I can help protect your financial health,” says Maura Albrecht, President and Founder of Financial Wellness for You, LLC.

      In 2007 Albrecht took her passion for helping seniors remain independent and involved in their financial future and founded
Financial Wellness for You. Through Financial Wellness for You, Albrecht aids seniors financial health by providing guidance for those challenged with maintaining their standard of living or who are in danger of outliving their income. By working one on one with her clients, Albrecht, helps build relationships with local professionals and other resources in the Twin Cities Metro area.

       Maura is a Chartered Financial Consultant (ChFC), a licensed Minnesota insurance professional (life and health insurance), and a former member of the American Association of Daily Money Managers. Maura tells each client, “With 16 years of financial services experience, I have seen and solved just about every kind of financial challenge you may face.”

       Maura is co-chair of the Minneapolis/St. Paul Chapter and is an integral part of their success and commitment to aging in place. Alissa Boroff, chair of the Minneapolis/St. Paul Chapter describes Maura as a “fantastic advocate for older adults who is passionate about providing outreach and education to advancing services and resources to promote aging in place”.  She is a pleasure to work with and is a valuable resource to the local and national organization!


Upcoming Events:

1/26/16 Council of Chapters Conference Call
1/27/16 Minneapolis/St. Paul Chapter Meeting
1/27/16 Caregivers Working Group Call