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NAIPC News September 2, 2016

CEU Concepts: Connecting with Continuing Education

Tribute to Monte Howard

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  • Lyft-ing Transportation
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CEU Concepts: Connecting with continuing education

      CEU Concepts is changing the game for healthcare professionals by providing them with an innovative approach to continuing education credits (CEUs). Continuing education has never been so entertaining and promises to have attendees eager for more. From cutting-edge topics to avant-garde presentations CEU Concepts is blazing a trail for a new generation of education.
      For more than 15 years Anne McSweeney worked with geriatric clients as a social worker, in home health, or with an elder law attorney in the Atlanta, Georgia area. Like many healthcare professionals, Anne was required to obtain a significant number of continuing education credits yearly, the sessions were often boring, expensive, and sometimes not applicable to her field. So, Anne came up with a clever new way to offer exciting and unique CEUs and from this idea CEU Concepts was born.
      While many professionals earn their credits through standard lectures and presentations, as the founder of
CEU (Creative, Educational, and Unique) Concepts Anne wanted to offer out-of-the-box topics and interactive presentations that attendees would enjoy and look forward to attending. Through some unique collaborations and atypical speakers CEU Concepts has revolutionized the way healthcare professionals attain their CEUs. Anne even brought in sponsors to reduce the cost or eliminate attendance fees altogether.
      CEU Concepts hosts a number of large events each year, as well as works with local and national businesses as educational consultants. Topics range from senior issues to ethics to kids and even to mental health, and events and one hour credits are all replicable. The best example of CEU Concepts’ unique approach is their pairing with cancer survivor Tom Willner. Willner’s musical
Turning Thirty about his experience with cancer was followed by a discussion with a healthcare team that proved to be synergistic and kept attendees engaged, “a perfect format for learning,” said Anne.
      Since 2011 CEU Concepts has been teaming up with the Atlanta chapter of NAIPC to host full day events—resulting in 5 to 6 credits—on the role of the service worker, polypharmacology, medical management, and much more. They have even had author Allan Teel present and discuss his book
Alone and Invisible No More: How Grassroots Community Action and 21st Century Technologies Can Empower Elders to Stay in Their Homes and Lead Healthier Lives. Through tantalizing talks CEU Concepts is attempting to change certain cultural attitudes by offering provocative and engaging presentations with one of a kind collaborations. Joining forces with the Atlanta chapter has been a great way to increase exposure for aging in place and the local chapter, while simultaneously educating service providers on the importance of aging in place.
      As previously stated all programs and events are replicable and CEU Concepts welcomes the opportunity to consult with any business or chapter across the US. “What we do helps make a difference in the lives of patients and families,” says Anne.

Tribute to Monte Howard

      NAIPC mourns the loss of one of its own.
      Monte Howard, chair of the fledgling San Diego chapter of NAIPC passed away Friday, August, 26th. “Monte was a generous and kindhearted man who cared deeply about his community and the older adults he served. He was committed to improving the lives of the people around him, particularly those in their retirement years who could benefit from the financial relief of a reverse mortgage or the network of services for homeowners who are aging in place,” says Jenny Werwa, Director of Public Relations for NRMLA.
      Monte Howard, CRMP, entered the reverse mortgage business in 2003 as a reverse mortgage originator, trainer, and sales recruiter for San Diego-based Financial Heritage. He owned a net branch at Omni Home Reverse Mortgage and launched the Affinity Marketing Division at Generation Mortgage Company. During his tenure at Generation Mortgage, Monte took the first Reverse Purchase application in history. He launched and oversaw the reverse mortgage division at C2 Financial Corporation, the largest broker in California and the second-largest in the US. He became a Certified Reverse Mortgage Professional (CRMP) in 2015.
      “Monte was an icon in reverse mortgage, was an excellent leader and did great work for C2 Financial, the reverse mortgage industry and his clients. For all that new Monte well, he was a good friend. He will be greatly missed,” says Scott Harmes, colleague and fellow San Diego chapter member. Those that worked with and knew Monte best believed in his visions for C2 Financial and the San Diego chapter and are determined to implement his plans for both.

      NAIPC sends their thoughts and prayers to Monte’s friends and family.

Enterprise Community Partners: Accumulating evidence of better care and lower costs

      Enterprise Community Partners, long a national leader in affordable housing, is two years into its transformative Health and Housing Initiative, and is now exploring the next housing-health frontier. “Housing-based health services” highlights the new terrain Enterprise is exploring—the actual physical characteristics of housing.
      Enterprise is demonstrating that the health and housing industries can be designed and built for improved health through ‘active design’—like improving stairwell access and visibility to encourage daily exercise and social interactions can improve physical and mental health, which is significant among low-income communities that experience high rates of obesity, heart disease, diabetes, and mental health issues.

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Lyft-ing Transportation

      Lyft is taking the issue of transportation for the aging and turning it into a thing of the past. Within two weeks the popular San Francisco-based ridesharing company has partnered with SPLT, a carpooling app service out of Detroit, to deliver non-emergency medical transportation services to seniors in Michigan, as well as with GreatCall, a San Diego-based company, to bring the convenience of app-based ride-hailing to the elderly via Operator Services. GreatCall is going to make transportation both affordable and reliable by means of their pilot program in cities across the US, including the retirement capital, South Florida. Local chapters in Minnesota, San Diego, and Southern Florida be sure to spread the word.
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NAIPC in the News:

      On South Carolina public radio the South Carolina Business Review with Mike Switzer recently interviewed Barbara Franklin, Greater Charleston chapter Business Task Force, in
Businesses Struggle with the Issue of “Caregiver” Employees. Listen to Barbara and Mike discuss the sandwich generations care of both children and aging parents and how their employers are dealing with this.
      In their August 25th article
Aging in Place: What Smart Homeowners Are Doing To Stay Self-Reliant the North American Precis Syndicate (NAPS) channeled NAIPC when writing “the comforts of home are only attainable when the features of the home are accessible.” This article, along with a video testimonial, encourages aging homeowners to achieve self-reliance by making upgrades and modifications earlier rather than later.

Upcoming Events:

9/7/16 Caregivers Working Group
9/14/16 Long Island Chapter Meeting
9/15/16 OC Chapter Meeting
9/15/16 Kansas City Chapter Member Mingle
9/17/16 Sacramento Senior Resource Fair
9/20/16 Pittsburgh talk on Pre-Planning
9/22/16 Western & Central VA monthly meeting
9/30/16 Council of Chapters Conference Call
9/30/16 NAIPC-OC UCI Mind Event
10/11/16 Western & Central VA Preparing for Caring Symposium