June 2nd, 2021

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Reliant Is Proud to Offer Cisco as a Strategic Partner.
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If you need to improve your procurement capabilities, but do not have the time or the resources for doing so, you should consider outsourcing with Reliant. If the number of suppliers or the one supplier you are partnering with are getting too difficult to manage - outsourcing is also a good business choice.

To make strategic procurement outsourcing a success, companies need to take a highly systematic approach with three basic steps:

-  They outsource strategic buying only in categories where doing so offers clear value.
-  They have a precise understanding of the sources of that value and how to unlock them.
-  They choose outsourcing partners that have the capabilities to address those sources of value, then define and implement agreements that maximize the chance of capturing potential savings

There are considerable benefits to outsourcing non-core activities, including:

-  Making more time for internal staff to focus on the business’s core activities.
-  Providing the ability to access expert, high quality services without the need for staff training and operating costs, investment in new technologies etc.
-  Allowing increased productivity and efficiency in outsourced activities.
-  Streamlining of operations.
-  Faster adaptation to change.
-  Decreased issues with team management.
-  Reduced overall operational costs.

If you are interested in learning more about the Verkada platform, please contact Reliant for a complementary site survey and demo equipment to test in your organization.

At Reliant, we differentiate ourselves by offering clients:

- Unrivaled pricing on comprehensive solutions
- Best-of-class customer service
- Unparalleled expertise in all aspects of a firm’s IT landscape

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