July 7th, 2021

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Reliant Is Proud to Offer NetApp as a Strategic Partner.
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Reliant's partner, NetApp, provides the industry’s most powerful and efficient storage and data management solutions for your enterprise apps, on your premises and in the cloud. NetApp solutions directly integrate into enterprise application workflows, enabling you to reduce system administration costs, better protect data, and accelerate access to your data anywhere. 

Storage capacity has grown tremendously over the past several years. Corporate IT environments are required to store more data with less tolerance for downtime, data loss, or access disruption. The features of unified storage from NetApp are aimed at achieving those goals. Some of the specific areas of business benefits that customers realize from the combination of features and capabilities provided are as follows:

- Reduced staff cost. The cost of running a storage environment is often as much as or more than the cost of buying the equipment. The automation features of NetApp management software allow users to manage more capacity with fewer people and less requirement for specialized expertise. The unified features allow users to run many workloads on the same physical system or the same family of systems, reducing the need to deploy and manage a wide variety of different systems. This reduces cost, training time, and risk through streamlined operations.

- Lower maintenance cost. Managing a high-performance, high-reliability storage environment requires constant care and feeding. Software upgrades, capacity expansion, refreshes, and ongoing tuning take a great deal of time and money. It is easier and less risky to accomplish these tasks with a highly consistent environment than with a highly fragmented environment. The automation and scale-out design inherent to the NetApp systems reduce the complexity and risk of these tasks as well. 

- Improved storage efficiency. Storage TCO is driven by the amount of capacity needed to store the data, the media used to store the data, and the number of people required to manage the data.  The unified design means that a given pool of capacity can be shared among more workloads, reducing islands of wasted capacity. The performance optimization of the hybrid flash/disk design means that workloads can perform well at lower cost. 

- Increased agility. Business moves quickly, and IT needs to respond quickly to take advantage of opportunities. Consistent, automated unified storage allows IT organizations to be more nimble and less wasteful and, ultimately, give their customers what they need more quickly and more reliably. This increases trust, accelerates business, and helps make the most of opportunities. For environments that have moved to an IT-as-a-service model, NetApp provides a storage service catalog and integration with broader orchestration and management tools, enabling faster storage provisioning and self-service capabilities.

- Minimized growth risk with future-proof capabilities. Predicting future business needs can be tremendously difficult, especially over a time span of multiple years. Storage systems that don't adapt increase risk by locking users into a system that's either too big or too small for what they need down the road. NetApp systems make it easy to start small and then grow the system as demand grows, minimizing up-front investment. Capacity, performance, and bandwidth can be expanded nondisruptively, making it much easier to grow with data over time. This serves to reduce risk as well as the cost of unplanned downtime, migration, and new purchases.

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