June 30th, 2021

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Reliant Is Proud to Offer Verkada as a Strategic Partner.
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Reliant and its partner Verkada understand the importance of employee safety and environmental management. Verkada’s industry-leading suite of offerings can assist employers when:
  • Its important to know who is in your building and when, especially in an event of an emergency, such as a fire. 
  • To stop unauthorized persons entering your site, which could be especially important in environments such as schools, and places of care.
  • You may not want all your employees to have access to certain areas, labs or chemical storage areas for example, access control can therefore help keep you and your employees safe.
  • To manage and maintain environmental factors like air quality, temperature, and noise.

'The Impact of Workplace Environments on Employee Performance'

Equipped with mounting evidence about how workplaces impact employee productivity, companies have started to focus on building safe, functional spaces that promote creativity, collaboration, and efficiency for teams. Yet, even within this trend, air quality isn’t often discussed—it usually flies under the radar.

However, more and more research is showing that along with overall happiness and well-being, environmental factors like air quality, temperature, and noise have a measurable impact on productivity.

The Importance of Environmental Monitoring
Following COVID-19, back to work safety is top of mind for facilities teams as they prepare for reopening. Building owners and facilities managers typically monitor operations across sites, which can range from cleaning schedules to temperature control.

Beyond general comfort in the workplace, certain industries—such as manufacturing sites—might need additional sensors that alert site managers when safe noise thresholds are surpassed. This prevents prolonged exposure to environmental conditions that can cause irreparable damage to health.

The legal implications of such hazards are vast, avoidable, and costly. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) often conducts on-site inspections without advance notice. An environmental sensor can automate record keeping for audits. Similarly, having a video security system in place can aid in both employee safety training and liability protection.

How Air Quality Affects Employees in Decision Making
In 2017, researchers from Harvard University, Syracuse University, and SUNY Upstate Medical discovered fascinating results after they exposed people to varying levels of air quality.

Some were in well-ventilated spaces, with low carbon dioxide levels of 600 parts per million. Others experienced typical workplace air (950 ppm). A final group spent their time in spaces with poorer air quality (1,400 ppm).

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