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DNA Leads 

Tom Brown, genealogy team member recently uncovered an interesting match with YDNA and the surname of Reed. DNA submitter Reed traces his ancestry back to Ireland.  While Reed mismatches our Redds by three markers it may still be a good indicator of a recent genetic relationship. Another DNA item of interest found by Brown is Mr. Marvin Rudd who tested with Sorenson Molecular Genealogy Foundation and claims to be a descendant of John Rudd and Avis Whitaker. The union of Rudd and Whitaker is from the colonial era and appears to hold promise if only by the mother's surname which shows up in both our Virginia and North Carolina Redd families.  Submitter Marvin Rudd "matches our Redds perfectly!" Brown says. "The only thing I question is how well sourced is his family tree?"  For anyone interested in helping to analyze the family tree of Marvin Rudd contact Tom Brown at Further details on DNA discoveries will be posted at

Introducing all-new Family Tree 

Family tree now allows uploads of photos and documents in PDF format. If you have pictures or stories of our Redd ancestors and are certain about their origin share it on Family Tree. If you are uncertain please request help at

Finding Redd from court & tax documents 

The Redd genealogy group has located over 100 images of court documents for John, William and Whitaker Redd in North Carolina during 1763-1842. They tell the story of slaves, land and court transactions which have been transcribed by volunteers Melanie Mayer, Tom Brown, Becky Mitton, Barbara MacPhee and Alma Mendenhall. The next project underway is surveying tax records and creating plot maps from land record data to create a better picture of the Onslow neighborhoods the Redds lived in and see if any family members have been overlooked.  New data will be posted on the Redd website.  

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