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To our Dear Redd Cousins:

I apologize for the length of this email.  It is important for the Redd Family Reunion and I encourage you to read it carefully.
On behalf of the LH Redd Family Reunion Committee, I write to give a report on registration, a request for many more registrations, and another appeal to identify Redd Descendants.

It seems that there is some confusion as to who is registered for the reunion.  Many of you have "registered" at to share your information with us and so that we may keep you informed about the upcoming reunion.  Some have felt that registering for the information was the same as registering for the Reunion.  It is NOT the same.  To register for the reunion, you must go to and reenter your information.  The form is a little shorter and you can sign up for your whole family on the same form by indicating the numbers in the bottom blanks.  Click on the following link to see the list of those registered for the REUNION..
Remember, the reunion is FREEEEE, but there is a $5 per person (over 3) fee for lunch and Tee shirts are available for preorder for an additional $5 each.  These must be ordered before August 15 to guarantee that price.  There MAY be lunches and/or shirts available after the August 15 order deadline, but the price will double and there is no guarantee that enough will be available.  Please let us know now by going to  If you do NOT choose to order the $5/person lunch, please bring your food with you because there is NO public food source.  The closest gas station is about seven miles and Cedar City has the nearest public eateries.
Item 2:  Your Redd Descendancy Number (RDN)
If you have seen a copy of the excellent book, The Utah Redds and Their Progenitors, you noticed in the appendix that there was a listing of Descendants.  I am attempting to update the list which was originally made in 1977.  To simplify the project, I have elected to gather only each descendant's full name and year of birth.  I also assigned a number to each descendant, that I have called the Redd Descendancy Number (RDN).
Our intent is to have name badges at the reunion showing your name and your RDN.  That will tell each of your cousins where you fit in the family tree.  This document explains how the number is assigned and some of the things you can know about one of your cousins by simply seeing their RDN.

And this document is the file as complete as I now have it.
I would love for as many cousins who can to make sure that your parents, children, grandparents, and grandchildren are listed on the chart and that their relationships are properly indicated by their RDN.  You can simply start a new excel file showing the RDN, full name and birth year where you are updating and then email me the file and I will insert the information at the proper place. If you have a list of your family names and you do not feel comfortable making an excel file, email me your information and I will enter it.  
For those hardy souls that would like a rustic campout included in your Redd Reunion plans, we have arranged for a field in New Harmony that will be available for your tents.  (I am not sure about Trailers or RVs.)  We plan to supply a couple of Port-a-pottys, but there will be NO water or electricity supplied.  Those planning on camping should let me know as soon as possible, so we can arrange for a suitable number of Port-a-pottys. 
I would like to thank those who have shared contact information with me.  I have been careful NOT to reveal your email addresses to others and I will continue to be careful.  We would, however, like to provide ways for you to contact each other.  One way we have provided is through the Redd Family group on Facebook.  Another way is in the works.  I have begun a Blog called which I plan to use as a way for participants in the reunion to share their stories, photos, and videos.  This is still in its early stages and I am inexperienced as a blogger, so I would appreciate any input on how this can be shared.
We as a committee are VERY EXCITED about this coming reunion and we hope the excitement spreads to you.  We are looking forward to seeing some that we have not seen for many years and also meeting new cousins we have never met.
Dave Hopper
Vice President in charge of Membership
Redd Family Organization 
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