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Order a Fan Chart of Your Pedigree

For just $2.00 you get your own 9 generation fan chart. You will need a PDF file to generate your pedigree. Here's how to make one.

In a Chrome browser: Go to
You can use your own gedcom flie to create a chart or access FamilyTree for your pedigree.
If doing the later, sign in using your FamilySearch Username and Password.
Click the first radio button for 9 Generation Fan (color)
At the bottom of the list, click on Create Chart. Wait for information to populate.
Click the green Download Chart ICON.
Right Click on the PDF file name in the lower left corner of your browser.
Click on Open to view file. Review the chart for completeness and accuracy. 
Chart printers cannot take responsibility for errors or omissions.
To make corrections, make the changes in FamilySearch and then re-create the PDF file.
[The Redd family genealogy committee will be keeping close tabs on this and so if you see the need to make a change to our great grandfathers or back please contact Tom Brown at or
Jan, at]
Float your mouse cursor in the lower right hand corner until the save ICON appears.

If you cannot find the save ICON, press <CTRL>S and give the file a name.
It is probably best to name the file your full name followed by your birth year.
You may either email the PDF file to or bring the file on a flash drive.
The printer operator will print your fan chart on paper 24 inches wide by 17 inches tall.

In the Firefox browser: Find the Download ICON is in the upper right corner.
Then click Save File and OK.  You may need to rename the file and save it where you can find it.

In the Internet Explorer browser: Find the save menu that appears at the bottom center of the page when the mouse cursor floats to the bottom. 

Register Now for the Reunion

Only two days left to get the discount!

Register for our July 25, 2015 reunion on the John H. Redd and Elizabeth Hancock family website here.

The reunion will be held at The Garden Place at This is the Place Heritage Park; 2601 East Sunnyside Avenue, Salt Lake City, Utah

Cost: $8 for adults; 
$5 for children 3-11;
$6 for seniors 55 and up; 
free for children 2 and under.
(This is $3 less than regular park admission and includes park entrance and reunion activities.)


Join the Redd 'Corral'

Like to sing?  Download the music For the Strength of the Hills  and learn a part. There will be one group rehearsal the morning of the reunion at 8:30 AM. Show up with your music at This is the Place Heritage Park at the gazebo which is in the back yard of the Brigham Young Farmhouse.

Sharing your talents has perks--coming early will ensure a good parking place since the rehearsal is right by The Garden Place, where the main session will be held.


Share Family Stories

At the reunion you can learn to preserve short remembrances in audio format. Come prepared by signing up now on Relative Finder. Join the group Redd family with the password johnhardisonredd. This will let you see exactly how you are related to your cousins who have also signed on to Relative Finder. 

BYU's Relative Finder allows users to see their relations to famous people or to find relations between friends, neighbors, or coworkers. and it allows us to see the names of living relatives we otherwise wouldn't see on  

At the reunion there will be workshops on how to create accounts and record stories on These workshops will run from 12:30-2 PM inside the Brigham Young Farmhouse.

SPECIAL NOTE: Married women should sign up on Relative Finder using their maiden names as they do on FamilyTree. If you have already signed up with your married name make changes by going into settings and edit your display name. Or, if you prefer to be viewed with both surnames you may add your maiden surname in the same field that asks for your first name.

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