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Peter Vidmar

2015 Reunion Set for July 25

 by Karen Redd

We are excited to announce our next Redd Family Reunion!
It will be held on July 25, 2015 at This Is the Place Heritage Park in Salt Lake City, Utah. 

We've rented the Garden Place at Heritage Park for our large gathering and the Pack Home for genealogy and family history presentations, separate family meetings for the branches of Redd family, and Redd family activities throughout the day. We’ll celebrate not only the arrival of the Utah Pioneers in the Salt Lake Valley on July 24, 1847, but also the significant contributions of our own Redd pioneer ancestors.

Peter Vidmar Peter Vidmar

Our keynote speaker will be Peter Vidmar the highest-scoring American Olympic gymnast in history. 

Not only is he a significant leader in the Olympics today, but is considered one of the top ten corporate speakers in America.  Of course, our Redd pride won’t allow us to overlook the mention of his Redd blood:  Peter’s grandmother, Hazel Lurene Redd, was a daughter of Lemuel Hardison Redd, Sr.

Please put the date on your calendar now and spread the word to your family members. 
We look forward to your participation on July 25, 2015 in the greatest gathering of Redds ever assembled!


Daughters of the American Revolution Museum in Washington D.C.

DAR Membership    by Emily R Lauritzen

I had the priviledge to visit Washington DC last summer and go to the National DAR museum (Daughters of The American Revolution). I was anxious to see if I had any ancestors registered with the DAR as a "patriot" as they call them. I had taken the book The Utah Redds and their Progenitors by Lura Redd with me for reference and was able to identify Whitaker Redd as a patriot.

I learned the next step to being granted membership in the DAR was to prove my connection to the patriot. That process begins with your city or county DAR organization. After returning home I found my local DAR registrar online and  attended a meeting. There I learned what had to be done to prove my connection with our patriot Whitaker Redd:

1. Obtain a copy of your birth certificate and your husband's birth certificate as well as your marriage ceritficate. If you are divorced, you will need a copy of that also or at least a part of it showing your other name and date of divorce. Do this for your parents and grandparents.

2. For anyone that isn't living, you will need copies of their death certificates and a copy of their gravestones. Then you keep right on going back to the patriot.

3. If you are unable to get all of the above information use census records or similar sources such as the Family History Library's Lineage Request form for proof of marriage. The Family History Library in Salt Lake City will provide you with a certified document stating that a couple was married, or sealed in an LDS temple. This is especially useful when there were not yet civil records being kept in pioneer Mormon settlements.

In my case, I was able to connect into a line for Whitaker Redd through a cousin who had previously registered him with the DAR. I paid a minimal fee to do this. Now I am in the process of waiting for my local DUP registrar to submit my application to the National DAR. There are fees for the application, a decorative pin and annual fees for DAR membership.

There is no limit to how many ancestors you can submit for patriot status. But you can do ony one at a time. I love this country and I think it is well worth it!  It takes approx. 6-8 weeks to get approval for each request. 

* Emily's mother's father was Amasa Jay Redd from Monticello, Utah. Contact Emily if you are interested in applying at

Tempus Fugit 

Hey Y'all (That's Texan for Dear Redd Family, yes all 20 bazillion of you),

This letter is sorely over due and and I humbly beg your forgiveness. A year ago January I became the president of this august organization. This travesty occurred at our wonderful and highly successful reunion held in New Harmony, owing to a thoroughly rigged election. I should have put a letter out last year and allowed you the opportunity to begin the process of impeachment. But as the title of this letter suggests time flies. The good news is that we have a board of fully trustworthy (as far as any Redd can be) and capable souls.

I suppose that I should tell you a little about me. I am the 5th child of Lloyd, the 6th child of L. Burton, the 16th child of Lemuel Hardison Sr. (Sariah Louisa), the 6th child of John Hardison Redd. Now that you know exactly who I am and how I am related to you, let me just say I'm your cousin. I was born and raised in Ft. Worth, Texas. Yes I know, I was doomed to never understand the word, much less ever have any humility, given that I am both a Redd and a Texan. I graduated from Southern Utah University where I met my wife Nicole. We now live in Centerville, UT and have 4 kids.

I am thrilled to announce that we have set a date and location for our next reunion, July 25, 2015 at This is the Place Heritage Park. Karen Redd, the chair of our reunion committee, has written about it in the adjacent article 2015 Reunion Announced.

With this reunion just around the corner we have set a lofty goal for our family and we need your help. We would like to have a representative from each of John's descendent lines join us on the board. We realize that we might have some that are not in Utah but hope that will not deter you from volunteering yourself (or your sibling, cousin, etc.) and joining us. Much of what we do can be done via email or video chats. I will list the children below and hope that if you are from one of those lines you will be willing to help us out. If you are not from one of those lines but know someone that is please forward this to them and see if you can guilt them into joining us. We look forward to serving with you.

Your Cousin,
John Robert Elliott Redd

Children of John H. and Elizabeth H. Redd:

Harriet Redd - no children
Edward Ward Redd - no children
Ann Moriah Redd Pace
Anne Elizabeth Redd Pace
Mary Catherine Redd - no children
Lemuel Hardison Redd (well represented)
John Holt Redd - no children
Benjamin Jones Redd 

Flax Comb

Hackle in the House by Samuel Garbett 
Tidbits on our ancestor's lives from Onslow County: A Brief History.

Onslow precinct, in North Carolina, was formed from Carteret and New Hanover counties. The borders of the county on the north were Wide Oak River and on the south Beasley’s Creek, which was a few miles below New River. On the pension application of William Redd he stated he was living near the mouth of “New River” when he became part of a regiment in the revolutionary war. Onslow county has always been less populous and less wealthy than other counties along the coast. Only the Revolutionary War was able to give it strategic importance.
     Onslow’s economy was primarily based upon agriculture, forest products, fishing, and manufacturing (though the manufacturing was very rudimentary). For the majority of people, life depended on what could be taken from the soil. The main crop grown where the Redd's lived in N.C. was Indian corn due to its versatility and the ease with which it was raised. Many people also raised flax, cotton and a small amount of tobacco for home consumption. Whitaker Redd and William Redd grew flax, as evidenced by their possessing a hackle (a comb for dressing flax) and toe (a pivot to support it) and a flax brake (a machine for bruising the wood part of flax so as to separate it from the fiber). Livestock was also a big part of the economy, and the animals found good grazing in the marsh grasses, meadows, and upland wire grass ridges. Corn, peas, and livestock were the principle agricultural exports with peas and fruit also grown for home consumption.
     Since vital documents are almost non-existent we must rely on other documents to help create the stories of our ancestors lives. Tax lists are a good way to find information because there were no censuses in North Carolina prior to the Revolutionary War. William Redd appears in the 1781 Onslow County tax list, with his property valued at $400. I wonder what the tax accessor placed as the value of his hackle.
New Family Website

New Website by Jan Garbett

The family organization would like to thank Dave Lyon, our webmaster, for the sleek new look and flexibility built into our newly launched website at It contains all of the information from our previous site with some important additions. One update allows website content to be viewed consistently whether you are using a smartphone, tablet or desktop computer. 

Another new feature is The Transcription Project. Members of the Redd Genealogy group were trained by Dave Lyon during a web conference session on contributing their research findings directly to the site. Earlier this year Melanie Mayer and I (Jan Garbett) started working at the Family History Library in Salt Lake City to secure copies of the more than one hundred deeds that contain information on our Redds in North Carolina between 1763 and 1842. This time frame includes when Redds leave Virginia for North Carolina until our ancestor John Hardison Redd leaves for Tennessee.

The Redd genealogy group transcribes copies of the handwritten documents into easily read type and can post interesting findings on The Transcription Project section of the website. Our genealogy group is comprised of family members from Utah, Idaho and Canada. We are very appreciative of the time and efforts of Melanie Mayer, Tom Brown, Becky Mitton and Barbara Macphee. To view a sample of their work visit William Redd wills 2 slaves to his wife Sarah.   Any interested in joining the genealogy group please contact Jan Garbett at 

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