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BE THE CHANGE: An Occasional Newsletter for Diversity Leaders 
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Summer 2016
Hello Friends and Colleagues,

Here's hoping that your summer is providing you a bit of respite and delight as some of the earth's inhabitants spin us further and further into uncharted territory.   

Thank you to those who responded to our winter newsletter with such enthusiasm! In that issue, we wrote about six important habits for 2016. I have been practicing them myself, and am pleased to see some honest-to-goodness change in my own behavior. It can be done! It takes a long time and lots of practice to make new habits – as well as permission to make mistakes and start again. I want to know, how you are doing?

In this issue, you will find links to articles on two topics that should occupy a central role when working in the diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) space today: shared leadership and the lasting legacy of history. 

By request, we also include here a link to my brief remarks at the Vigil for Orlando on June 12, 2016.

Stand with Love.


On Change: From Inclusion to Accountability
There are some challenges with the word inclusion. This is a bit awkward to talk about, since it is integral to the work we do and the way we talk about it. At face value, inclusion is the act of making someone or something part of a whole; of embracing or allowing people into a group. Not too far below the surface, though, is the implication that some get to include while others wait to be included. What makes the difference, and what can we do about it? To achieve real change, organizations must go from inclusion to accountability; from "doing for" to "doing with." Read the full post

Diversity Matters: Living Color 
In May, I went to Oregon, an almost indescribably beautiful state. I was blown away by the breathtaking environments; the political foresight that created such livable, sustainable communities and by the extraordinary colors and climate where rain only felt cozy, never dreary, and everything that grows seems to have evolved to reflect all the available light. Yet some color was missing from this picture. There have always been too few black people in Oregon, which creates a particular challenge for companies and communities working to reap the benefits of DEI. On this trip, I learned why that is. Read the full post.

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