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Update Number 4 - 23 February 2011

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What a difference a month makes..... When the last Conflict and Resolution Update went out on the 20th of January,  President Ben Ali had just fled Tunisia following a popular uprising.  Since then, we have had the tumultous events in Egypt and Libya.  As this Update is being written, President Hosni Mubarak of Egypt has already stepped down and Libyan ruler Colonel Muamar Gaddafi is increasingly isolated and under intense pressure to stand down.  Meanwhile, there have been protests - and in some cases brutal repressions - in Iran, Morocco, Algeria, Jordan, Yemen and Bahrain. Those of us who are reading about, rather than living through, these events can only watch and wait, with great hope, for a peaceful resolution for the peoples of these countries. 

The BBC and Al-Jazeera both have have live coverage of the situation in the Middle East and North Africa.  Send us the link to your favourite news article or website covering the unrest.

From our own correspondent...
Many of us held our breaths and thought of CISV friends in Egypt as the revolution unfolded, especially through the days when internet connection was cut.  Rowan El Shimi, who is currently one of CISV's International Junior Representatives, was one of the many who were taking part in protests. A journalist, Rowan's blog makes essential reading if you wish to gain a first-hand perspective from someone living through these revolutionary times. Her articles have even found their way into the Argentinian press!  Rowan is also a photographer and here we have just a small selection of her photographs during and after the toppling of President Mubarak. You can view more of her photos on her Flickr site.

Protesting and celebrating in Tahrir Square, Cairo

Cleaning up - 4 volunteers became 25 in less than half an hour
Cleaning up after: 4 volunteers became 25 in under half an hour

CISV Peace Day Challenge – more news!
This year, CISV is supporting Peace One Day with the CISV Peace Day Challenge as part of CISV’s focus on Conflict and Resolution. CISV has designed a challenge which we hope all Chapters will take part in.

The goal is to raise awareness of different types of conflicts and participate in Peace Day activities on 21 September 2011, marking the 365-day countdown to a day of ceasefire and non-violence on Peace Day 21 September 2012 - a Global Truce.
We are hoping that this challenge will unite CISV as a global Peace Education organisation, educating and inspiring action for a more just and peaceful world. This is why we want as many of you as possible to take up the challenge!

We want you to set up a project or activity about a conflict that has an impact either in your school, university, community or region. This could be anything from bullying in school, gang fights in the community, war with neighbouring countries. It is totally up to you to choose! 
We will be launching the Challenge, along some tips on how to get organised along with some promotional and educational materials you can use, in the next Update!

Can you help Hanne?
My name is Hanne, and I am the Norwegian National Junior Representative. This March I will be travelling to Eritrea to attend a youth peace conference, with participants from Norway and some countries on the Horn of Africa. I have been asked to plan and facilitate an activity/workshop; a challenge I have gladly accepted, but I am having some trouble being creative. You see, in Eritrea one cannot freely express one's concerns about the government, the country's situation, etc. So, this workshop should be relevant to topics concerning peace (such as human rights, war, hunger, culture), but should not be offensive to the State of Eritrea. If anyone has a good idea or template of an activity that could be suitable, please e-mail me at
Thanks in advance!
Hanne H. Løge

100 years of recognising women's achievements
March 8 sees the centenary of International Women's Day - a global day celebrating the economic, political and social achievements of women, past and present. It also highlights the unfortunate fact that women are still not paid equally to their male counterparts, are not present in equal numbers in business or politics, and that globally, women's education, health and and experience of violence against them is worse than that of men.

We still need you!
Whether you and your National Association or Programme Committee would like to put together a whole edition of Conflict and Resolution Update or you would like to send us an interesting article, link or news of an activity you have been involved with, we want to hear from you!  Contact Denise and get involved!
Look out for your next Conflict and Resolution Update on the 23rd of March and the launch of the CISV Peace Day Challenge!


Denise Farrar
Communications Officer

on behalf of CISV International Education
and Profile-Raising Departments

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