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Update Number 2 - 15 December 2010

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And welcome to the second of our Conflict and Resolution Updates!
We have a nice packed edition for you, including news of our recent visit to the Peace One Day offices in London and a special message from Jeremy Gilley.
Partnership with Peace One Day
We were very excited to be invited to meet with our Peace One Day (POD) friends at their London offices and put some faces to names! We were also extremely pleased to meet the dynamic and inspiring founder of POD, Jeremy Gilley. Our visit gave us a great opportunity to discuss future collaboration, opportunities for CISVers to get involved with working on developing POD educational resources and for POD to feedback on the tremendous support from CISVers around the world for Peace One Day. 

At the POD offices, from left to right: Dimitris Tsaousis, Productions Manager, Alex Sacha Came, One Day One Goal Project Coordinator, Denise, Luc Benyon, Education Project Manager, Kiran,and Fernanda Balata, Global Communications Manager
We will be bringing more news of the ways in which our two organisations can work together in the New Year but for now, a few words from Jeremy.

I want to send my best wishes to all at CISV for the New Year. CISV's support for Peace One Day is an inspiration to the POD team. In particular I would like to extend a special thank-you to all CISV participants for helping to make the launch of the Peace One Day Global Education Resource a success. Now available in the six languages of the United Nations (Arabic, Chinese (Mandarin), English, French, Russian, Spanish) the Resources will become invaluable next year as the CISV focus turns to Conflict and Resolution.
A few weeks ago Peace One Day announced its collaboration with the Cultural Olympiad and the London 2012 Festival. POD is producing a series of events beginning on Peace Day 21 September 2011 at the O2 Arena London, then the opening of the London 2012 Festival on 21 June 2012, and finally another major show on Peace Day 21 September 2012.
The date of the final show in the trilogy is particularly important.  For this date, Peace Day 21 September 2012, we are calling for and working towards a  Global Truce - a significant reduction in violence globally. We look forward to working with CISV to help raise awareness of this important day.
In line with this exciting development we will shortly be announcing a very special CISV Peace Day challenge for 2011! More details on this will follow in the New Year, but in the meantime please continue to spread the message of Peace Day and look out for more news early next year.

In peace,
Jeremy Gilley

Denise and Kiran with Jeremy Gilley, founder of POD

Wikileaking - where do you stand?
You can't have missed the controversy over Wikileaks and the latest disclosures- they have certainly caused huge embarrassment and not a little conflict! Do you think these leaks are crucial for true transparency and democracy  - and resolution - or a dangerous erosion of public trust in governments? Can an agency that shrouds itself in secrecy insist that it is an effective upholder of transparency and freedom of expression?  We've added a few links here to a few different view-points, including that of Johan Galtung founder of Transcend (see more about Transcend below), but we'd really like to hear from you. This is a great discussion topic to use in your Chapter or Junior Branch and for your activity writing.
Johan Galtung, Christopher Haynes (Menso), Stephan Wolff

Activity writing (you know you want to!)
As the educational focus for our programmes and Chapter-based activities next year is Conflict and Resolution, we will be using this Update to give you some ideas of different Themes that can be taken from this content area and activities that can be related to these Themes.
The Education Content Committee together with the international programme committees and JB have started already working on producing some activities which you will be able to use in your training and your programmes next year. We will also be using the Regional Training Forums and National trainings to focus on activity writing so that we can have a wide selection of activities to share across NAs and Programmes.......and there is more

We will also be working on a YouTube version of the Activity Template, for those who would rather talk, rap, act or sing about their activity! Be sure to tune in for the next Conflict and Resolution Update for more details. 

Amazing study opportunity!
Ove Thygesen of CISV Norway has sent us details of this wonderful opportunity to study with the Transcend Peace University (TPU) in Norway for 12 weeks. Ove explains: 
‘Last winter and spring an unofficial global Facebook group within CISV did some discussions on Conflict Resolution which ended up with a report sent to our Education Development Committee. The report was reviewed and commented on by Professor Johan Galtung, founder of the Transcend Network, and he is now welcoming us to his online university.
As CISV membership is a lifelong training in peace building and world citizenship, some people must train the leaders, and some must train the trainers. By joining Transcend Peace University, you have a golden opportunity to take part in improving this training capacity in CISV.
The participants in our programmes gain experience important to them for a lifetime, and we are committed to give them training with the best quality possible. It is therefore a wonderful idea to educate ourselves within a university working on the same principles as we do and with world-class teachers. Both CISV and Transcend will gain by such collaboration.
So, if you decide to apply for one of the TPU courses, I hope that you at the same time tell me, and I will see to that all CISVers are put in contact with each other.’ For more information on TPU and the course, see their website and you can contact Ove on
Makes you link...
Forgotten Diaries is a project working in the belief that youth, if empowered, can be effective agents in developing an attitude of peace and non-violence in communities otherwise torn by war and conflict.  The aim of the Forgotten Diaries project is to raise awareness of forgotten conflict zones and currently 50 young people are participating as citizen journalists, blogging about life in conflict zones and helping raise awareness of issues on the ground.  To find out more, visit the Forgotten Diaries website.
In Next Month’s Issue
  • We really will have a fully working JBPedia Page focussing on Conflict and Resolution and with a Diversity archive!
  • We'll be introducing our 3 new interns - Simona, Sarah and Katy - from Newcastle University.
  • We will have more news of that special POD challenge!
It only remains for us now to us to wish you a very happy and peaceful New Year and to remind you that the next Conflict and Resolution Update will be coming to you on the 19th of January.


Kiran Hingorani           Denise Farrar
Education Officer       Communications Officer

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and Profile-Raising Departments

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