v2.1 Introducing Lift Intelligence
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No Summer slouching for us - we have just pushed up GymAware v2.1 - jammed with awesome NEW features.

Watch the videos here or click on the links below to learn more:




GymAware just got a whole lot smarter.

By enabling Auto-REC, the PowerTool behaves in a continuous collection mode. Using software smarts and individual exercise algorithms. Lift Intelligence enables the start and finish of a set to be automatically detected.

No more dropped sets or chalky digits on the iPads, this feature is a game changer.

Watch the video here to get some tips and tricks on how to make the most of this feature.





The PowerTool icon now gives feedback in real time on the current sensor data.  Position and measurement information of where the tether is in relation to the PowerTool is automatically displayed, even when not recording a set.

Tether graphic features now include:

  • Continuous measurement and angle display
  • Ability to set the Exercise Minimum Movement Threshold by tapping the tether graphic
  • New real-time positional Dip and Height values in the line graph view during rep collection
  • Auto orientation detection; prompting a re-zero if PowerTool is in an incorrect position.

This feature has been added to provide continuous measurement feedback and added confidence that the PowerTool is functioning correctly. 





The automatic rest timer begins as soon as the bar is been racked and the set is complete. This is turned on by default and can be hidden if required by selecting the appropriate switch in Settings.

The rest timer displayed under the Set # at the top of the screen left of the Replay button.




You can now set a fatigue target based on the metrics of the best rep of the current set. Use this to help ensure athletes last rep is as good as their first.

To enable fatigue targets:
• Select the target type ie. Squad (green) or Athlete (blue)
• Set a "% Range" using the central dial on the targets module.

** Make sure not to set a value for the target as this is automatically calculated **




By default this is set to follow the exercise, meaning the last weight entered for that exercise is the weight that is presented for the next athlete.

By choosing to follow athlete, the bar weight reverts to what the athlete undertook for the previous set.

For example: John and Bob are working up to 3 x 3RM; To begin with, they select the "Bar Weight to follow exercise" as they reach their working sets. Thus both lifting the same weight for their warm-up sets.

Now, John is at 90kg and Bob 95kg; and have reached their working set weight. They tap the icon to switch to "Bar weight follow Athlete" and thus every time they select themselves the weight changes to 90kg and 95kg respectively. 




We have added functionality to the web based Leaderboards. Double clicking exercises can hide/show in the list, better scaling options across the Velocity and latest boards.

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