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Most of us have wondered, “Why am I here?” There’s a Sufi saying that I’d like to look at in regard to our son Govi: “Every soul is born for a certain purpose, and the light of that purpose is kindled in its soul.” And Plato affirms that we each see our life in great detail before we drop into it, and then we drink the waters of Lethe, and forget what we have seen.

No matter how much of the detail we have forgotten, we each maintain our line of life’s meditation, thrumming steadily beneath the surface of our everyday existence. To the extent we gain self-knowledge, we become aware of our life’s mission and meaning.

Govi became a father himself last week when Ryder Cliff Tillotson came into the world on August 30, 2017. Gazing at the miracle of little Ryder’s birth, I begin to see how Govi’s line of life meditation called Ryder into the world...with a lot of help from his wife, Caitlin!

Govi always saw himself following in his father’s footsteps, both in his line of work and in the family. As a little tyke, he said he was going to grow up and be “an Acacia guy” - the name of Cliff’s company at the time.

Also like his dad, Govi loved little kids. I remember now how he took his little cousin Ryan under his wing when the 6 cousins would annually go to family camp. Ryan was 6 years younger than Govi and followed him everywhere. Many older cousins would have brushed the little guy off as a nuisance. Not Govi. Ryan never spent any time in his own age group because Govi took Ryan directly under his wing and brought him along on all his own camp activities. (It’s interesting that his new son’s name is so similar to his little cousin’s.)

From a comment he made once as a teenager, I know Govi was already visualizing himself as a future family man - perhaps not even consciously until I asked him about it on his 15th birthday.

Govi’s first and only girlfriend, Caitlin, also envisioned a family of children. And before they married, they took in a troubled teenager for 3 years and in many ways parented her, even though they weren’t that much older than she was.

These I now see as earlier signals of some aspect of Govi’s line of life meditation - of course that’s really up to every human being to see for themselves, so my comments here are only my own musings.

Govi took his time in proposing to Caitlin, and then again in agreeing that they were ready to have children of their own. That, too, seems to have been part of his ideation on their being solid, reliable parents who had established their own relationship before bringing someone new into the equation.

Once they knew a baby was on the way, Govi was all in as a dad. New dads, in my experience are pretty clueless, as you can confirm with Cliff. Govi was as excited in his own quiet way as any mother to be that I’ve known! He joined Caitlin for a 12 week natural childbirth course and got training to be her birth coach. He told us excitedly when the baby reached the size of a blueberry, eventually a plum, and a sweet potato!

The next thing we knew, Govi had come up with the name Ryder, and gotten a surfboard for him (the little wave-rider, I guess) months before he was born! He also helped Caitlin put together the cutest little baby room in their house.

The two of them did tons of study about birthing and babies, so they were super ready when the time came, with a complete birth plan. I’m not sure of how much of it got followed, since she ended up having a belated, rough labor. But Govi was there with her and Ryder every step of the way.

In fact, Govi coached her through every contraction and push, no matter how stormy. He supported her from behind during her back labor and helped her in and out of the hot tub. Govi even had Caitlin pull against him with all her might while she was in her pushing phase.

After 42 sleepless hours of labor, Caitlin managed to avoid the C-section they were preparing for Ryder and pushed the baby out on her own. Govi, who had hoped to catch the little guy as he came out, had to clear the way for the worried doctors to take over. He stood watching, in tears of worry, as they cleared the baby’s air passage and allowed him to take his first breath and cry. Govi was finally able to heave a huge sigh of relief that his new son had made it safely into the world.

While Govi was awestruck by Caitlin’s determination and fight through incredible pain, Caitlin was amazed at how unfailingly helpful Govi was in the hospital. According to the medical staff, most dads stay on their cell phones during their wife’s labor. Caitlin says all the nurses kept asking about Govi, “Who IS this guy!?!”

Perhaps you’ll remember me asking a similar question about Govi in a recent letter I sent you, wondering what was inside this mystery box of a son. Through this time of Ryder’s birth, I’m beginning to get a clearer picture of someone who long ago saw his future of becoming a father and brought that vision into reality.

“The future enters into us in order to transform itself in us, long before it happens.” – Rainer Maria Rilke


And you, dear reader?

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Magnificence in our Ohana
Sooriya Kumar: International Peace Builder and Hawaiian Living Treasure

Sooriya, the copper artist who made our Still & Moving Center logo as well as the symbols of the world’s great spiritual traditions in our Sun & Moon room, is being honored again as a man of peace. Many on Oahu now know of Sooriya’s work from his organic Mouna Farm, Art and Cultural Village in Waianae Valley. What we do not see here is the peace-building work Sooriya continues to do on his visits to Sri Lanka.
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Magnificent Business
Matt Johnson of Oahu Fresh brings CSA produce bags 

Thanks to Matt Johnson, founder and CEO of Oahu Fresh, being an enthusiastic yoga student of ours, Still & Moving Center has just become the newest pick-up location for the Oahu Fresh CSA program!

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Healthy Life Tip

Take a Bird's Eye View!

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A Word to the Wise
Looking Down Calmly upon our Passion-Wrung Selves

There are few on an introspective habit who are not haunted with a certain very definite sense of a second soul, an inner serene and passionless ego, which regards the experiences of the individual with a superior curiosity, as it were a half pity. It is especially in moments of the deepest anguish or of the maddest gaiety, that is, in the intensest strain of the individuality, that we are conscious of the dual soul as of a presence serenely regarding from another plane of being the agitated personality….

Often does it happen in scenes of revelry or woe that we are thus suddenly translated looking down calmly upon our passion-wrung selves, and then as with an effort, once more enduring the weeds or tinsel of our personal estates. At such times we say that we have been out of ourselves; but in reality we have been into ourselves; we have only just realized the greater half of our being. We have momentarily lived in the infinite part of our being, a region ever open and waiting for us, if we will but frequent its highlands. We call such and experience abnormal; it should be normal….

The half-conscious god that is man is called to recognize his divine parts. The soul when is what it would be. It has the infinity it craves. We restrict ourselves. 

Spread your wings; you will reach no horizon. Cast out the lead; it will strike no bottom. Our little wells are filled from this eternal life; our souls are not islands in the void, but peninsulas forming one continent of life within the universe.

- Edward Bellamy

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Zoom out to the universe... And wait for it to zoom in, in, in.

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