Which tech are most effective for startups?
Scalable Startups

Which tech is most popular with startups?

Startups are often early adopters of new technologies.  But are they effective?

To know that you'll need to look at the "great" startups that are also wildly successful.


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Hiring, Blogging & Social Media...

Hiring?  8 questions to ask an Amazon Web Services expert.
Also... How to hire a developer that doesn't suck  

Operations & Scalability

Looking at Amazon RDS?  Check out  Why RDS doesn't support Maria DB or Percona
Aiming for high availability?  Why five 9s is a myth and what's a realistic alternative  
Trouble scaling your startup?
Architecture innovation is our bread & butter.  Linux, Apache, MySQL & PHP - the Internet stack is what we do best!  Whether you are deploying in a traditional datacenter or migrating to Amazon EC2 we provide the very best service to meet your business requirements. Visit us on the web at www.iheavy.com or call us at +1-212-533-6828
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Ohhh, I see!

Let's face it, that's the response you're really trying to achieve.  So why do we keep getting stuck on the same big words, weak stories or dry technical mish-mash?

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