When Clients Don't Pay - Real War Stories
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When Clients Don't Pay...
Real War Stories

Rewind back a couple of years.  I receive a phone call from a former client.  They're experiencing an emergency, can I help?  

We discuss details.  The urgency necessitates I cancel a day with another client.  As an outside concern I ask what might happen if their needs change in the next 48 hours?  Not a problem comes the reply, we can certainly use your help anyway so we'll book you either way.  

Fast forward two days, work is canceled by email and client won't take my call.  Ouch!



Operations & Scalability

  • Running MySQL servers with replication?  Slaves can quietly drift out of sync with the master.  Learn to Bulletproof MySQL Replication with our handy guide. 
Looking at deploying MySQL on Amazon Web Services?  Not sure whether managed RDS is right for you?  Check out  RDS or MySQL - 10 Use Cases
Believe the hype that internet systems can achieve infinite uptime?  The Myth of five 9s asks some hard questions.
Recruiters & managers... why is it so hard to find a darn DBA these days? The Mythical MySQL DBA attempts to answer the question.
Trouble scaling your startup?
Architecture innovation is our bread & butter.  Linux, Apache, MySQL & PHP - the Internet stack is what we do best!  Whether you are deploying in a traditional datacenter or migrating to Amazon EC2 we provide the very best service to meet your business requirements. Visit us on the web at www.iheavy.com or call us at +1-212-533-6828

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Automate This by Christopher Steiner

Fear a Zombie Invasion?  Try Automation & Bots

Though I follow the internet and computer industries closely, I was shocked by what this book reveals.  Sure many of us have heard of how computers have automated wall street, and brought on high frequency trading.  But did you know that 60% of the worlds trading is done by completely autonomous software?   Or did you know that software has been brought to bear on writing & composing classical music that's so good, experts celebrate it as grand and the work of genius.  Only to find out later it was made by a computer?

No sir, chess is not the only area of human endeavor that computers are invading.  Health care and patient diagnosis is next.  And looking at the costs of insurance and an industry that many see as out of control, its inevitable that cost savings and tools that can assist and diagnose patients better will most certainly be used.  They already are.

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