Are SQL Databases Dead?
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Are SQL Databases Dead...

Is NoSQL marginalizing the traditional database?

Looking at the widening field from Mongodb & Redis to Cassandra all anybody wants to talk about these days is NoSQL.

Will traditional relational databases like Oracle & MySQL soon look like the lost city of Mesa Verde?  This answer is likely to divide CTOs, Devs and DBAs

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Hiring, Blogging & Social Media...

Also... How to hire a developer that doesn't suck  

Operations & Scalability

Looking at Amazon RDS?  Check out  Why RDS doesn't support Maria DB or Percona
Aiming for high availability?  Why five 9s is a myth and what's a realistic alternative  
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Bloomberg Businessweek - Be Evil Cover

Blogging Brutality

Overworked & underpaid, bloggers are nevertheless the news source of the new millennium.  Holiday proves through some surprising, creative & downright manipulative methods that today's internet is full of half truths,  fake sources & traffic hungry publishing.

If you want to avoid getting taken by such hijinks, or one upped by sites that use them, you best get working! 

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