Why I don't work with recruiters, but I learn from them
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Why I don't work with recruiters...

But I learn a lot from them

Recruiters...  So many unsolicited calls!  Won't they just leave me alone?  It's true, headhunters don't take no for an answer.   In the startup industry, they are a fact of life. 

Over the years however, I've begun to see them as a real asset.  When I see an uptick of calls and pings on linkedin, it tends to indicate firms are hiring.   That's not the only thing I've learned from recruiters...


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Hiring, Blogging & Social Media...

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Operations & Scalability

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Aiming for high availability?  Why five 9s is a myth and what's a realistic alternative

Trouble scaling your startup?
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Bloomberg Businessweek - Be Evil Cover

Lean means profit

Failures.  Every entrepreneur has had them, and Eric Ries is no exception.   What makes him different is he kept going.  He tried again & poured his energy into the next effort, carrying with him the hard lessons & battle scars to make each next iteration better.  

Lean is about avoiding waste, and agile is about faster iteration to learn what works.  Don't know what a minimum viable product is?  The idea is to build less, get it out the door, and start A/B testing, learning directly from what your customers like, need and buy.


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