Is Amazon too big to fail?
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Is Amazon too big to fail?

Just yesterday Amazon Web Services had another serious outage.  

This one took down Netflix, Hipchat, Yelp & even Experian.  Many people thought the internet itself was down!

Does it feel like Amazon *is* the internet?  Are they too big to fail?  


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Hiring, Blogging & Social Media...

Hiring?  8 questions to ask an Amazon Web Services expert.
Also... How to hire a developer that doesn't suck  

Operations & Scalability

Looking at Amazon RDS?  Check out  Why RDS doesn't support Maria DB or Percona
Aiming for high availability?  Why five 9s is a myth and what's a realistic alternative  
Trouble scaling your startup?
Architecture innovation is our bread & butter.  Linux, Apache, MySQL & PHP - the Internet stack is what we do best!  Whether you are deploying in a traditional datacenter or migrating to Amazon EC2 we provide the very best service to meet your business requirements. Visit us on the web at or call us at +1-212-533-6828
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Your startup of One

Fred Wilson recently a post Loyalists vs Mercenaries.  

It made me think of Reid's book.  

Are you a loyalist of one?  Are you running the startup of you?

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