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A really nice camera

Hi Folks!

We have a lot to cover this time, so I'll be brief:

Item #1:

 One of our customers, an amazing photographer from Princeton N.J. named Jon Roemer, has made a really amazing short documentary film about EL EL FRIJOLES! You can see it (for free!) from our web page, and we really hope you have a chance to take a look. If you like it as much as we do (and since you won't have to listen to your voice droning on and on in the background, I am sure you will), share it with your friends! You should especially share it with your friends that need to hire a great commercial photographer or that might need a video made for some reason. Seriously, the whole story is on our web page, but we are awfully fortunate enough to have the amazing customers that we do. We value all of you a great deal, but this guy Jon has really raised the bar!

Item #2:

It is almost over! Wintertime, that is. And with the end of the darker months, we shall soon end our Winter Schedule and close-up the taqueria for some much-needed repairs, refitting and cleaning. It's just what needs to happen before we open for the madness of our Summer season each year. We plan to be open for lunch and dinner Wednesdays and Thursdays through April, but then we're done 'till Memorial Day Weekend. So if you have a hankering for some tacos, or need to order a few 6-packs of burritos it is time to get motivated. Time really is running out.....

Item #3:

Supper Club- That's right, we have one more Supper Club dinner in the works, and it is fast approaching! We've recently been to San Francisco, and we got to eat a lot wonderful things while we were there. Our dear friend Remy picked a darling little lunch spot one afternoon that was down one of those short alleys between Union Square and the Financial district, and we shared an amazing meal of delicious French delicacies. Our brains began churning, and out came our Final Supper Club menu of the season:

April's menu

As usual, it is vitally important that you call us right away for a reservation! Don't email us, or Facebook us, or send us a pigeon- just phone us! And do it soon, lest you be disappointed.....


And Finally, to item #4:

Cinco De Mayo! That would be May the 5th, falls on a Sunday this year. We are once again going all-out and will be hosting what must be our 7th annual CInco De Mayo party! We'll have a delicious, full meal (looks like it will be a citrus-marinated, grilled chicken breast, with rice, beans, salad and warm tortillas and a fantastic dessert. And yes, we will have a vegan option for the entrée and we'll feed your kids for free too. We'll have the piñata hung up, and maybe even the Pit of Fire with some marshmallows to roast! All in all, a great afternoon or evening to hang out with your friends and family before the total craziness and chaos of the summer hits.
So you are going to have to make a reservation for that one as well, but we'll cross that‚Äč bridge later on this month with our next Email. Just get ready, gather your posse and mark your calendar!

And again, thanks y'all for being the greatest, coolest, funnest group of customers a Taqueria could ever hope for- we love you!

-Michael, Michele and Jasper



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