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A Co-op's Hallmark

A Cooperative housings’ hallmark is only as great as the members who experience it. Experience within the co-op then becomes a large factor for success both concerning the organization and community. How does the members experience translate to a more involved community? Kalamazoo Collective Housing provides affordable housing that also offers opportunities for each member to grow. Once familiarized with the co-op we see many of our residents learn new things, take on initiatives, and become board members. KCH helps eliminate negligent landlords in the community while still allowing people to rent afforadable highquality housing. Members take responsibility for the upkeep and repairs of the home to keep a respectable appearance on the street and enjoy roommates alike who share the cooperative vision.

Fletcher embraces current members in a cooperative effort that allows members to take pride and ownership in their home. Melody Fontaine, Fletcher resident of three years going on her fourth, takes pride in KCH and part of an even greater community the city of Kalamazoo. Melody moved into Fletcher out of desperation from an unpleasant housing situation; she saw an option that fit her financial needs and took it. With her acceptance into the coop she had grown and been helped in other ways than a payable rent. She clarifies that, “I was shy—well still am—but living in Fletcher helped open up my roots in the community and I came in surprisingly to a platform of support that I normally wouldn’t have.”  She has become an active member with the nonprofit organization Food Not Bombs and become a part of the local Kalamazoo music scene for enjoyment and was able to host a house show supporting the band “Soil and the Sun”. She further noted Fletcher annually takes care of their community garden and has an upcoming initiative to rebuild their bike room. Basically when moving into a coop you learn that it doesn’t work without, “responsibility, communication, and respect” from everyone in the household Melody reflects.

Interested in cooperative living? KCH Fletcher Collective has two available units. More information and applications are available at 
Since 2006, KCH members have been sharing resources, skills, and energy in intentional housing throughout downtown Kalamazoo and surrounding core neighborhoods. Visit
www.kalamazoo.coop for more information on Kalamazoo’s only affordable community cooperative housing organization!
Help us spread the word! If you or someone you know is interested in learning more contact director@kalamazoo.coop. 
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