Cultivating Democratic Institutions
Workshop on racism and anti-racism was a HUGE success!

Last week, fifty community members joined us to begin examining racism within their institutions and to investigate ways to more effectively dismantle racism within their institutions and our community! Thanks to all of the people who put time and energy into this event. Special thanks to James Gleghorn, the People's Food Co-op, and ERAC/Ce for organizing a great day!

KCH is hiring!
Position Open: Part-time Executive Director
Do you get excited about building community infrastructure and revitalizing neighborhoods? Enjoy cultivating leadership and embracing innovation? See the value in democratic process? Can you bring creative problem solving to the table?
Kalamazoo Collective Housing (KCH) is seeking a Part-time Executive Director to serve in an entrepreneurial leadership role as the organization grows. KCH provides nonprofit, sustainable housing; empowers people to create democratic cooperatives; and strengthens our community through shared resources and education. It is a 501(c)3 organization.

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Views from elsewhere: 

The Community Cure cooperative housing good for your health?

It always seems to come down to who you know. The people we grew up with, now know, and will grow old with have a huge effect on our well-being and even our risk of future disease. Community is where we assimilate health believes, attitudes and behaviors. Community also encompasses our neighbourhoods and their attendant social factors, such as violent crime, unemployment and access to health-care services. All these components blend to impact our health profoundly, both positively and negatively.

Current research confirms for us that isolation, the antithesis of support, is a powerful risk factor for disease and early death. Although not commonly accounted for in routine medical practice, the effects of isolation have been addressed by compassionate and informed public figures. Mother Therese commented that 'loneliness is like the leprosy of the West', when she talked about the pain of isolation in modern society. Dr. Dean Ornish, an eminent spokesperson for lifestyle modification and wellness, concludes that social support is one of the most powerful health influences we know of.

But social impacts on health go beyond support and isolation. We get powerful health beliefs from our culture, and these can have huge effects on our well-being. A recent study showed that elderly Chinese are more likely to die on what they view as 'unlucky'-numbered days. Another study showed that Jews are less likely to die just before or on religious holidays.

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The Fletcher Collective is seeking new members. Rates range from $374—$464 per month (including mortgage, utilities, food, etc.). Learn more...


February 16
Discerning God's Call

Sharon Froom will speak about her calling to to teach leaders in Rwanda and Kenya how they might contribute to national healing.
7:30pm, Peace House - 321 Phelps, Kalamazoo

February 17 from 5:30 - 7pm
WOMEN AND PEOPLE OF COLOR EXPLORING PROFESSIONAL AND ENTREPRENEURIAL CAREERS: Join some of Southwest Michigan’s largest employers to hear their perspectives on the economy, growing fields, and how you can compete in today’s tight labor market. Career opportunities range from the health and life sciences to investment and education. Location: Lawrence Education Center on the Borgess Hospital Campus on Gull Road
March 19 at 6pm
This year, the keynote speaker will be Dr. Valora Washington, renowned expert on the importance of early childhood education.  Come celebrate the accomplishments of ISAAC and join us in recognizing key allies. For more information call the ISSAC office at 269-341-4213 or see their website for more details.
March 13 - March 19 in Chicago, IL
If you're looking to take your leadership to the next level--whether in your congregation, ISAAC, civic organization, or workplace--you need to attend the Grassroots Leadership Training offered by the Gamaliel Foundation. Join leaders from across the nation as they gather in Chicago for an intense week of first-rate training. You'll cover topics such as power, relationship building, raising money, self-interest, and more! Check out more at or call the ISAAC office for details.
COMMUNITY HOMEWORKS will be offering maintenance classes. Tentative dates are below. More at
February 8   HVAC
February 15  Electrical
February 22  Fall/Winter Maintenance
March 1       Hand Tools
March 8       Power Tools
March 15     Home Safety and Security
March 22     Spring Maintenance
March 29     Basic Lawn Care


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