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House Bill 1317, the bill to make dental therapists accessible to all Washingtonians, is headed to the House floor. If YOU take action, we can increase access to urgently needed dental care. Contact your representatives and urge them to pass House Bill 1317!
Too many Washington kids and families can’t get the dental care they need to stay healthy. It’s time to make dental care more accessible, it’s time for dental therapists!

By authorizing dental therapists, House Bill 1317 will expand access to dental care where it is most out of reach: in rural, low-income communities and communities of color, and to patients who are insured through Apple Health or uninsured. The high-quality care provided by dental therapists can help solve this shortage, increase access to culturally responsive, community-based care, and create good-paying jobs. 
Urge your legislators to vote yes on HB 1317!
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