Trump's proposal helps those who need it least.
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Learn Love Lead Resist!This week in Learn, Love, Lead!, resources that tell the real story behind Trump's child care proposal, and explain what's at stake for child care in the federal budget.

But first, members of Congress are on a two-week recess! Many are back in local communities, and are hosting events where you can speak up for kids. To see if your congressperson is hosting an event, check out this list provided by the Town hall Project. Not sure who represents you? Use our quick and easy find my lawmakers tool.

You may have heard about a recent proposal from the Trump administration for a child care tax credit. Behind the words is the reality that nothing proposed by the administration in tax policy or the budget will deliver the kind of support and care that Washington State's kids need.

In Washington State, more than half of our funding to help families afford child care comes from federal sources. With you, Children's Alliance is fighting and winning state-level campaigns to ensure our littlest kids have great early experiences and parents can go to work knowing our young children are safe and happy. Protecting and expanding federal support is key to getting the results our kids need.

Congress and the Trump administration are making decisions about child care and early learning in both the federal tax policy and the federal budget. Use and share these resources to stay informed and speak up.


Check out this analysis of the Trump child care tax credit proposal by the non-partisan Tax Policy Center which includes the finding that 70% of the benefits would go to families with incomes over $100,000 a year.

Read 5 good reasons why the Trump child care tax credit proposal won't work for kids, families and equity in this blog from Talk Poverty.

Read this issue brief that outlines how federal child care funding works, and what's at stake in the budget for our kids, working parents, and Washington State. In short, thousands of kids and families in Washington State could lose child care support unless Congress increases funding for the Child Care Development Block Grant, while at the same time the Trump administration has proposed an 18% cut to the entire Department of Health and Human Services.

Stay tuned next week for an opportunity to take action and call on Congress to advance good child care policy and invest in supporting our youngest kids and working families.

Thank you for speaking up for kids.


Jon and the Children’s Alliance Team

Jon Gould
Deputy Director

P.S. If you head to a town hall meeting this week with your Congressperson you can speak up for kids with this question: "Will you support increased investments in child care funding, and what will you do to make sure any changes in child care tax credits help families who are struggling to pay for care, rather than provide more tax breaks for wealthy families, as proposed by the Trump administration?"